WhatsApp is preparing to add a popular feature of Telegram

the WhatsApp Messenger in beta for a while “lit up” a new feature that may, over time, it is planned to make available to all users. A similar opportunity for a long time popular Telegram and Android keyboard Gboard.

we are Talking about animated stickers – “stickers” kits which can install itself users, then to use in correspondence. As reported by Android Police, the feature is present in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android number v2.20.194.7 (it can be downloaded, for example, from APK Mirror), but disappeared in the next release – v2.20.194.9.

the Publication notes that the implementation of animated stickers still quite raw function doesn’t always work. Animation sticker, sent or received in the chat, played only once and runs again, only if a little scroll window contents. It is unclear whether this is a glitch or a conscious decision, designed not to bore sight and the user’s brain with unnecessary movement on the screen.

Only WhatsApp noticed five sets of “living labels”, all of which developed WhatsApp. Sets from third-party developers with support for new features not yet discovered. To animated stickers appeared even in their supporting the beta version, you need to chat Taco sticker from someone, the result of scattering of activated function.

Text: To.Hi-tech