WhatsApp has rejected the charges of an IT-security company, since a year there is a gap in the encryption of the service is to allow.

“We have tested the theme a year ago, carefully and it is wrong to assume that there is a vulnerability in the security of WhatsApp,” said a Facebook spokesperson on Thursday.

security researchers at the company Check Point had previously described at the conference Black hat in Las Vegas, like chat histories might be manipulated by distorting the identity of the source in the Citation function or content of a response.

The security researchers said that they had reconstructed the encryption by reversing the algorithm used for decryption of data records. WhatsApp countered, the described scenario was comparable in terms of how you respond in an E-Mail could manipulate exchange. There you could probably fake something that was originally never been written.

WhatsApp is considered the “Signal”encryption Protocol on which the service is based, continue to as safe. WhatsApp, with around 1.5 billion users advertises with full encryption for yourself, in which only the sender and recipient of content, but no third party – not even the service itself.

Facebook is working to bring WhatsApp, the second Facebook-chat service, Messenger, and messages from Instagram on a common technical infrastructure. While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured that the Online network will focus more on the end-to-end encryption.

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