It is again so far: With the new iPhone 11, and his two Pro models, Apple has pulled its latest top models from the hat and since the start of sales in Millions of the customers. In spite of the many people still to high prices. But also for economical iPhone Fans, is now a good time: There are tons of Used iPhones on Ebay and co. But in the purchasing decision, there is a lot to observe, because, unfortunately, every used iPhone is not worth its price.

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What is the iPhone worth it at all?

iPhone 6s (Plus) and SE

Older than an iPhone 6s or SE it should be about in any case: Only from these models, Apple supports the latest iOS 13. All of the older models are already out of date now, for 6s, and SE, the danger here is that in the next year. The SE is the only iPhone with a screen diagonal of 4 inches. If you want a particularly compact iPhone, has therefore, currently there is no other Option. A good Deal iPhone 6s and SE are due to the technical limitations, but only at a price of 100 euros, and then only for a frugal beginner.

New iPhone System iOS 13: the ten features Apple brings well hidden By Malte Mans

iPhone 7 (Plus)

first, the purchase of a iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is Recommended, therefore, actually. You will probably still get at least in the next year, the Update to iOS 14, the processor and the camera still as neat. Depending on the memory size you are starting at about 220 euros. In terms of performance that is quite appropriate.

iPhone 8 (Plus)

The best offer the iPhone 8 is out of date. Apple sells the devices starting at 500 euros new, this will push the used prices down. They start at under 300 euros. Under 350, it makes (very) good condition and still a bargain. In addition, the small model offers 64 GB of storage. Updates should be at least for two years.

iPhone X or XR?

The iPhone X has a special position: As the first model with the new form factor, it is now two years on the market, is acted accordingly more frequently used. The technology is largely in line with the iPhone 8, but a much better Display and a slightly superior (double are built-in) camera. They justify the extra charge of 100 Euro.

Whether it is worth buying, however, depends also on the prices of the iPhone XR. The last year model presented is, in part, to get to 400 euros. Thanks to the newer processor but it is not only faster than the iPhone X, but is also likely to be a year of Apple support. Other differences in comparison to the iPhone X larger Display (to 6.1 instead of 5.7 inches) in slightly lower resolution, as well as the elimination of the dual camera, which had, however, only when you Zoom an advantage. Between X and XR must therefore consider at the same price, what is a self-important.

is worth health-Offensive to Apple’s most exciting product is the iPhone By Christoph Fröhlich

XS and XS Max

The purchase of a used XS or XS Max only in exceptional cases. The top models from last year can be traded in the rule, it’s still about 800 Euro, for this price you get also a new iPhone 11. Even in their original packaging iPhone XS and XS Max are already listed at retailers under 900 Euro. Nevertheless, you can get a bargain. Especially the models with abundant storage are found with a lot of luck much cheaper. More than 850 Euro, you should not pay but rather.

iPhones: you should put when buying a used eighth

in addition to the condition of housing, especially in the built-in technology pitfalls. So you should ask the seller whether the Display was replaced. This happened in the case of non-authorized third-party or in-house is installed with a high probability of a significantly worse Display. Another risk is the case of many devices in the years to come battery. Here it helps to have a photo from the state of the battery (under the settings “battery” and “battery state”) to send. A state up to about 85 percent is completely in order, then you will notice the drop in runtime. Older models need to be throttled in performance, but it can be switched off. 80 percent offer Apple and authorized providers to exchange, the costs to Apple, depending on the model, between 55 and 75 Euro.

Bonus Apple Care+

Is secured, a device still have Apple Care+, that is, as a rule, a surcharge value. Apple will not accept it in its extended warranty, free of charge, involuntary problems, but repaired twice self-inflicted damage such as from falls damaged Displays much cheaper. In addition, the battery will be replaced free of charge if his condition drops below 80 percent.

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