at the beginning of September turns under the Berlin radio tower, traditionally all consumer electronics. Many of the priorities of the technology fair IFA of the year-to-year, but there are some features:

MORE PIXELS: In most of today’s TVs, the 4k resolution is one of the points, with four Times more of the picture than HD Standard. This year, giants such as Samsung, Sony and LG TV are expected at the IFA stands of the industry-devices with even sharper 8k image will be in focus. Especially the Japanese industry wants to establish the technology in the context of the summer Olympic games in the coming year. However, in Germany there are even 4k content, especially in Streaming services, or selected Transmissions by satellite – but hardly in the classic TV program. And while the industry the expensive, Top-indented at the fair, like the models in the center, dropped the average price of in Germany, purchased TV this year by 8.7 percent to 564 euros.

CONNECTED HOME: With more and more networked devices from the light bulb to the washing machine, the Smart Home is a Vision a real possibility. However, simple functions such as the control of lamps or sockets with the help of language assistants were in the past. In the fast-growing business with networked loudspeakers, the first signs of saturation are visible: its sales fell this year, according to Figures of the industry, company gfu by 9.3 percent to 546.000 devices. In this case, the supply just grows: industry pioneer Sonos wants to reduce, together with Ikea the price for high – quality Sound and Hi-Fi classic Bower & Wilkins is testing the market with a Streaming pair of speakers for around 4000 Euro.

5G: The IFA offers Smartphone providers and network operators a Chance to demonstrate to consumers the benefits of super-fast 5G data transmission system. However, the Expansion of new networks in Germany is only at the very beginning. “Currently, 5G is still far from a mass issue, there is still a good offense for a year,” says Roman Friedrich, an Analyst at the Boston Consulting Group. To expect new tariffs of network operators but. “The rates are expected to be at the speed coupled, not to the Download volume.” The provider should try first, especially cash-rich customers.

COMPUTER UNDER THE radio tower: The PC market has caught up after a long descent last, however, mainly because companies, in view of the expiry of support for the aging Windows 7 is still fast on Windows 10 require. The industry wants to use the IFA to benefit from it and also to make consumers, the new devices tasty. So Microsoft shows a new model of the Surface Hub, an interactive whiteboard designed specifically for Team-work in companies and Start-ups. Acer presents for the first time in Germany its new range of Concept D, the high-performance Desktop PCs and Notebook models specifically designed for the graphical demands of Creative.

HOW MUCH IS NEW, REALLY? Big innovations can be expected on the IFA, however, hardly appreciates Boston-Consulting-Analyst Friedrich. “We will not see any technological breakthroughs.” In many areas, such as the Smart Home, or in the case of Virtual Reality, the industry must create it now, to address a mass market. “Both VR as well as the Smart Home are currently, unfortunately, still in a manageable framework.” For example, Augmented and Virtual Reality would be a “wonderful subject” for the IFA, this is evident in all facets demonstrate – from the Gadget, Gaming and education to industrial application.

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