Under so much pressure, Apple was already in one of its WWDC developer conferences this year. The iPhone sales fall, mainly due to the weak market in China.

The App Store-the business is in the sights of a competition complaint in the EU and a consumer complaint in the United States. And some developers do not want to be satisfied that Apple uses certain features, such as the NFC Chip on the iPhone or the data device usage exclusively. However, despite the challenges Apple may be the developer with a powerful Argument to lure you in. There are over 1.4 billion devices running an Apple operating system and Apps that provide want to be. To do this, Apple is coming: customers are more likely to be ready for Apps and Services to spend money than users of Android Smartphones.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook steps onto the stage of the McEnery Convention center in San Jose, expectations are high. It would not be Apple’s style, the challenges of a WWDC say directly, but about the Keynote is likely that scattered the find counter-arguments of the group. The most important task of the WWDC, however, is to give App developers and users an Outlook on the next Version of the operating systems for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the Apple Watch.

Apple’s competitors have increased a few weeks ago the printer: Facebook jumped up with full-bodied promise on the privacy train, but the Apple had, for years, claimed for themselves. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the protection of human rights and lent itself to the Motto, the Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed for years. And Google demonstrated a Version of his Assistant, which responds much faster than Apple’s Siri. surprise

The audience is for Apple this year, not so easy, because before weeks, many new features were leaked. So the Blog “9to5Mac”, and the financial service Bloomberg reported, for example, that with iOS 13, iPad for the extra Display for a Mac and the iPhone, among other things, the Mail and the maps App, the Safari Browser and the chat service, iMessage, new features get. It should also be easier to bring to iPad Apps on the Mac. And the Multimedia-dinosaur iTunes should be split up into individual Apps like “music” and “Podcasts”.

Apple-Computer-watches to get the according to Reports, a private App Store right on the small devices. Here, Apple has over its competitors a big head start. Google has not succeeded, despite several attempts to score points with its Android System for Smartwatches. The Apple Watch dominated the market, and also offers the developers a rosy future. Apple decouples it from the iPhone, it would mean a larger market than users of the smartphone with Apple Logo.

Apple does not shy away however, even before that, to make App developers with built-in’s own functions direct competition. So the Watch will get reminders for taking medications. The German service We currently offer for example.

An answer Apple will need to deliver this year on the progress of the competition in terms of photography. In particular, Google caused quite a stir with the night mode of its own Smartphones, the Pixel 3 that makes the night almost to the day – while on the iPhone the image appears significantly darker. Google achieves this with the Software and the machine does not Learn, the camera Hardware is better than Apple.

The Internet company provided to its developers conference, Google I/O in early may, also caused a stir with the Demonstration of how his Assistant-Software directly on a Smartphone running, during the competition such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa send the voice recordings to the detection of the Cloud. The lightning-fast new Assistant should be in the autumn, initially with new Pixel Smartphones available. Here, too, a Tightening is a question of the Software: Apple’s Chip-capacities on the iPhone processors of its own design to offer a lot of potential.

Hardware is not normally the focus of the WWDC, but there have been exceptions. Apple experts speculate that this is likely to be the case, and the participants could take a first look at the new Generation of Desktop Mac Pro for the most demanding users, as well as a matching Monitor.

The current model dates back to the year 2013 and Apple had maneuvered at the time, with an innovative Design into a technical cul-de-SAC. The group was assumed to be in powerful computers are working on several graphics cards together and designed a cylindrical housing, in which they were cooled by air flowing through. However, in the industry, the tendency was to leave the work effort of a single high-powered graphics card. These models, the cylinder Mac gets refrigerated. The group announced that is why as early as 2017, a new Version of the Mac Pro in a more conventional design. The presentation of a new professional Macs could help the mood at WWDC lighten significantly, Ellen.