Weekly program Вести.net from 13 June 2020

Why did the Bank own the mapping, where and why refuse to face recognition system, when smartphones and laptops will begin to produce the same type of processors and anyone trying to sue the Creator of the most successful Russian IT-project – main techno-news for the week in the final program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

– We’ll start with the big event Russian IT-the scene with the participation of Sberbank, which in recent years has become ubiquitous and hyperactive. In General, now the expression “savings card” has several meanings: the Bank has not only cards, but will, and its navigation.

– Unexpected continuation was received by a scandal between the Rambler and Group Nginx. Igor Sysoev, working in the Rambler, has developed one of the most successful web servers in the world, then holding left and with partners has created a Nginx-powered successful business, which last year sold us F5 for hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, on behalf of Rambler Sysoeva and buyers of his company trying to pursue in the United States.

– Sony has finally revealed the design PlayStation 5. Futuristic, and ambiguous in two ways.

– the day before Google presented a new version of mobile operating system, Android 11. Goglova spat on the solemnity of the event and just posted separate videos on YouTube and opened the site to developers.

“the Apple” unlike Google its WWDC to cancel do not want – it will start on June 22 and, according to rumors, Apple will announce there, about switching to its own ARM processors in makbukah.

– again, Political and technological intersects. Amid protests in the U.S. IT giants faced a choice: to continue the development of a face recognition system that can be used by a state against disgruntled citizens, or to stand on the side of the prevailing public sentiment.

– And finally – news from the near future. It seems that the transport will be electric rather than ityou imagined.

Text: To.Hi-tech