Weekly program Вести.net as of June 28, 2020

Computer with a processor of the mobile – when to wait and that it will give the user how does the antivirus work for a car and why a multimillion-dollar salaries of gamers do not always guarantee the success of the employer: the main events the world of technology during the week in the final program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

– let’s Start with the “Apple” news, online shows, which turned into this year, the traditional presentation of Apple in the opening of the conference WWDC, differed almost Hollywood scale. News number one: Apple for two years to translate all the Macs on ARM processors – that is, similar to those already used in smartphones and tablets. And it opens very interesting prospects for software and hardware.

– the Second big news from Apple: the transformation of iOS. In the 14th version of a full-fledged widgets and a separate menu that is automatically sorting all applications.

– Tech gradually sneaks in the automotive industry, takes its turn. But along with the convenience of coming and discomfort – what to do if the machine is hacked, or has she got a computer virus? In “Kaspersky Lab” for this future are already being prepared.

– Microsoft the last several years in a row has invested a lot of money in the game project, competing with YouTube and Twitch – Mixer. And suddenly you’ve lost faith in him.

– Well, the latest news – the continuation of the us-Chinese trade (and perhaps even technological warfare). The US government is trying to incite Telecom industry on the consolidation through the purchase of European manufacturers of Telecom equipment. To get the giant company could on a global scale to compete with Huawei and other Chinese players.

Text: To.Hi-tech