Weekly program Вести.net 6 June 2020

Why social network for Teens does not recommend its users to posts of the American President, for which fans of Korean music against app Texas police why “Vkontakte”, the new video format and what is the feature of the fourth generation of unmanned vehicles from the “Yandex” – with the main technological developments over the week in the final program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

– we Begin with an event that has been brewing for a year, if not more. The epic divorce between Sberbank and “by Yandex”, it seems, is nearing its end.

– “Yandex” also solves the problem of driving in the city. Presented this week the 4th generation of self-driving cars demonstrates that direction – actually it is the same machine that are working or will work in “Yandex.Taxi.”

– YouTube might lose the title of absolute leader in the market of distribution of video content, but among the services in which users spend most of the time. Anyway – among children and adolescents.

against the background of the growing popularity of TikTok service with the same mechanics and introduced Russian social network “Vkontakte”.

– the Second week of the conflict, global social networks – and they are American for the most part – with the White house. This conflict is fraught with changes to the rules of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat – and many Russians use them.

Text: To.Hi-tech