The Name McAfee is known to many people, especially computer users, it is common. McAfee is a world-known Anti-virus program. It was developed by its namesake, John McAfee. However, the Software pioneer McAfee has developed a colorful personality. He lived in Belize, fled to Guatemala and has been for some time with his yacht in the Caribbean. His Odyssey ended recently in the Dominican jail.

As the news agencies Reuters and AP reports, he was caught with some fellow travelers from the Dominican immigration in Puerto Plata, including his wife Janice was. According to the Reports, the 73-year-old and his Entourage of weapons and ammunition on his yacht, the “Great Mystery” had. A photo of McAfee on Twitter could confirm this: He is posing with his wife, Janice, with guns on Board a yacht on the open sea. In addition, the Software developer writes: “The CIA has tried to make us collect. We are now at sea and will soon report more. I’m going scuba diving the next day further.” The photo came from the 19th century. July.

McAfee posing in jail

On 23 July, a Tweet appeared on his Account, in which it was stated that McAfee, his wife and other persons were set. In the Tweet, it continues: “If John his next Check-in missed, events are set in motion, I can’t stop once you’ve started. John has secret information from individuals around the world. I know neither your identity nor your place. You will give your payload, if John is missing. Our campaign for individual freedom and an end to state-sponsored tyranny will continue, in spite of these developments.”

On the 24. July, made a tweet on the Account of John McAfee, to confirm his release from prison. Reuters reported that the group had been detained for four days. Pictures show how he is posing with officials. Other photos are to show McAfee as he is posing on a bed in his cell, shirtless, with Tattoos. Later McAfee himself confirmed that he was imprisoned his wife, and his Crew. The story was “too complex to tell you fast”, but the authorities had the strong presumption that he was the real John McAfee.

John McAfee on Twitter: Are London

The group had to travel further, decided it means in a Tweet. In one of his last Tweets, he writes, he was “tonight in London” and suggested to apply for the office of the British Prime Minister (which just was awarded). His Odyssey through the Caribbean would not be his first escape.

John McAfee has a diverse and turbulent past: in 1987, He founded his company “McAfee Associates”, the companies and private people with computer problems helped. He developed the Software, “VirusScan”, the world’s first Anti-virus Software that made him rich. In 1994, he resigned from his self-founded companies – but, until today, its name.

There> was followed by many further developments and transactions, so he, for example, a yoga center and wrote books about it. In the Wake of the real estate crisis in the USA in 2007, he should have most of its assets lost, in the end, he is said to have “only” four million dollars left, had the “mirror” reported at the time. He sold more of his property and emigrated, in 2008, in the Central American Belize, presumably to work around a legal dispute in the United States. McAfee said he wanted to devote himself to Yoga and the development of drugs. He wanted to develop his company Quorumex, a new antibiotic with tropical plants.

But in Belize, he was soon in conflict with the authorities. A neighbor of McAfee, was found in November 2012, dead in his home, shot and killed. McAfee was suspected. As the police entered his property, he hid by burying himself in Sand with a cardboard box over your head to breathe. This is the US magazine “Wired reported at the time”. He feared that he would be killed if he would be taken for the purpose of questioning in custody, the magazine at the time, more. He stated that the one who had killed his neighbor, was also behind him.

a Software pioneer and adventurer John McAfee is a candidate for the US presidency AFP he Was being hunted in Belize?

according to media reports, McAfee’s is to have a neighbor situated in a dispute with him – because of the dogs of the Internet-pioneer of. McAfee accused later Belizean authorities, to be to blame for the death of his dogs. In April 2012, the Gang Suppression Unit, a special unit of the local police, the property and accused McAfee rushed to have methamphetamine and to possess weapons. The charges were dropped, but McAfee was assumed that the government wanted to take revenge on him. He believed that the death of his dogs had been an attempt to move him to Leave the country .

at the time that The President of Belize described him as “paranoid, even crazy”. McAfee fled after the events in the neighboring country of Guatemala. After he was for weeks in hiding, he signed up in Guatemala city, Guatemala, and applied for political asylum. He said at the time, he is feared murdered, because he did not want to support the government of Belize – which he described as corrupt – no longer financially.

asylum in Guatemala was rejected

to find But instead of in Guatemala, a place of refuge, he was detained there. He had violated the immigration law, said a government spokesman. McAfee had fled to their own information, together with his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend with a motor boat in the country without the immigration authorities to present. The undoing of a picture in the magazine “Vice, he was apparently”. In the Meta-data of the iPhone-photos, Geolocation has not been turned off, which is why it could be places like “Wired” reported. His asylum application was later rejected. He came in prison and was deported in December of 2012 in the USA.


John McAfee at the time of his deportation from Guatemala in December 2012

©Saul Martinez/ Picture-Alliance

After his arrival in Florida, he met the former prostitute Janice Dyson, with whom he spent a night, including “Newsweek” wrote. Later, he and the thirty years younger than Janice were Few, and were married in 2013. With her, he is now also in the Caribbean.

John McAfee, the presidential candidate

But his yacht, the “Great Mystery” is, apparently, not only as a means of locomotion. It serves him as a campaign headquarters. Because he is a self-proclaimed candidate for the US presidential election of 2020. This he announced in 2018 on Twitter. There is even a website, with an unusual campaign slogan: “Don’t Vote for Me”, so “not true for me”. He had to run the election campaign from exile because he had paid eight years of no taxes and the US tax authority will be sought.

To his Team, his wife, Janice. Previously, he had announced, for the Libertarian Party to compete, if they ask him to. If not, will he start his own party. In a Tweet he wrote to his candidacy, he believes that to win he had a Chance: “What is changing America but really is the President, but the process of creating a President,” he wrote.

Already in 2015, he announced his candidacy for the US presidential election in 2016. For this, he founded his own party,, Cyber Party. Later, he entered as a candidate of the Libertarian Party. His political program points: stop the Surveillance by the NSA, the decriminalisation of Cannabis, to stop the “war against drugs”, a free market and a neutral US foreign policy.

However, with all the not enough, John McAfee’s life is so exciting that Netflix wanted to produce a documentary about him and Hollywood is a Film of his life story, with the planned title of “King of the Jungle”, as reported. In the main, Seth Rogen, and Michael Keaton,

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