The times, in which captain Ahab in the world’s oceans came to pass, catch to whales such as Moby Dick, are long gone. Since 1986, commercial whaling is not banned worldwide, only a few countries. Belongs to them, also in Norway – there is to be made according to the will of the government is now even more hunting of whales.

The Ministry of Fisheries has invested about half a Million Euro in a marketing campaign to make the population of whale meat is tasty. The competent Minister Harald Tom Nesvik is convinced of the merits: “It is excellent meat, it is healthy and good and we should eat more of it,” he told the Norwegian newspaper “VG”. Animal protection Nesvik don’t want to know much: “We can’t talk to whales, but we can eat them.”

most Norwegians

not to taste whale meat, About 1500 kilograms of meat supplies each killed animal, in addition to the skin and the fat layer. All too popular is the whale meat in Norwegian kitchens. Many would prefer to do without it because the meat has a tranigen taste. “Today, the meat is quickly cooled and frozen. In addition, only the best parts of the whale to be sold”, Nesvik. Through the new marketing campaign, the citizens should learn how to prepared the whale at the best – and that the meat was in fact a delicacy.

star-reportage Shitstorm against 16-Year-old, The Young, and the killed whale, By Nicolas Bush

But not only because of the taste, even – or especially – because of the impact on the environment, the consumption of whale meat is frowned upon. The species is highly threatened, the hunt runs partially brutal. Norway, the greatest whaling nation Japan and Iceland. Against the new initiative of the fisheries Minister’s strong criticism of animal stirs conservationists. According to the Norwegian animal protection organization NOAH 20 percent of the animals suffer severe pain before you die. “Norway behaves contrary to the most countries in the world where whaling is prohibited. The government should invest the money to move people to healthier eating,” said the Chairman of the organization Siri Martinsen of the newspaper “VG”.

fisheries Minister Nesvik by way of contrast, in the whaling business, even a part of the solution to global problems. In his opinion, could whale meat be a key to combat hunger in the world: “If we would catch more, I see a large potential for more food around the world.”

source: “VG”