It’s always the same thing: Out of the blue the phone rings and an alleged caller from Microsoft want to fix the computer. But what sounds even more outstanding Service of the Windows group, is actually a bad mesh. And can cost a lot of money.

“The call came in, according to number anywhere from lower Saxony,” recalls Mrs G. from Düsseldorf (Name is known to the editors). The caller spoke English with an “Asian” accent, explained to her that her computer was a risk and other PCs with viruses verseuche. You’ve wondered, the way your Ancient Laptop with Windows 7 but not completely excluded.

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First of all, you listened to the story. We’ve found about IP-address, claimed the caller “and rattled, then an endless combination of numbers down”. Your objection that the Laptop was not switched on during the just-ended holiday been longer, it was quickly rejected: The message was longer ago, so the caller. “But then he wanted all the time that I go to the computer and do something. The was really aggressive. I explained that I just finish the conversation.“ It further calls, the ignored wife of G. but followed.

widespread mesh

Mrs. G. had luck. And the right instincts. Time and again, fraudsters try to gain access to computers. The victim should first download the remote maintenance programs, which the scammers can take control, warns the South of Hesse, the police. So you can then install further pests and also access to sensitive data such as Bank account receive. A 59-year-old victim from Rüsselsheim to be just 12,000 euros stolen, warn officials.

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the consumer protection calls are known. In a great post about the Verbraucherzentrale NRW reported about you. In addition to the English-speaking there is also a caller, who will try their luck in broken English. In addition, not every potential victim would have to be called. Numerous fake pop-UPS on web pages or in Windows itself would suggest that one must turn quickly to Microsoft – with matching numbers to the rip-off hotlines. Even without access to the Bank account can be expensive: Up to $ 400 require the Microsoft scammers, according to the consumer advocates for their “services”.

Microsoft says to Call

you can Also use Microsoft points its customers to the wrong employees. The group is never without asking customers to call. Even in real support cases, telephone contact is the exception, most of the problems will be solved via E-Mails, the company said. In addition, the Support never ask for credit card information. On its website, Microsoft gives tips on how Dupes procedure should, in addition, you can also report the calls and the used phone number.

This function is particularly useful if you receive several calls. This was both in the case of Mrs. G., as well as our readers, Mr p is the case. “The numbers were all quite similar,” recalls Mrs. G. “at some point also which were added, but from abroad.” She was called especially in the recent time.

In the case of Mr P. the phone rang, especially in the last spring, again and again. After he was able to get rid of the caller at the beginning again with the note that he worked not with Windows but on a Mac computer, he had at some point enough. He took up the conversation, here, you can listen to it. Again and again p is not pushed in the call to give the scammers remote control programs access to his computer – even though the Tools on the Mac to run at all.

Meanwhile, Mr p is no longer called. With a lack of enthusiasm in the Microsoft scammers this has nothing to do but to: With a move, he moved simply the phone number. And has since been alone.

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