special Envoy to Gaza

throwing stone against showers of tear gas and a few shots of live ammunition. The ritual of the Walking of return is respected, but the rally organised on Saturday 30 march for the first anniversary of the movement to claim palestine that has claimed the lives of more than 260 People and injured thousands, was marked by the restraint. The bath of blood a harbinger of a military escalation between Israel and armed groups in the Gaza strip has been avoided. Three Palestinians died during the day of mobilization in clashes and tens were injured.

In the plain of Malaka of the border of the israeli-palestinian, the ballet of the clashes appears to be this Saturday afternoon, governed by rules agreed upon in advance by the protagonists. Hamas which controls the enclave, exercises a form of control over the conduct of the demonstration popular. No burning tires, of which the screen of black smoke can be closer to the protective barriers of the israeli high concrete wall topped by a fence. They have not been delivered by the “brigades of the tires” that are in charge will usually provide the protesters. Few heads burned in the immediate perimeter of the fence. No kites explosives launched to crash into the israeli territory through the wind came from the sea.

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Hamas has cracked down recently to movements of the street against poverty wants to give pawns in the negotiations of truce prolonged with Israel when an agreement is emerging. Initiated by Egypt, he focuses on a return to calm, in exchange for a loosening of the stranglehold on economic imposed by Israel and the financing of infrastructure projects and social programs funded by Qatar.

They are at least 25,000 on the site, a 40,000 approximately on the whole territory according to the israeli army, to be answered after the prayer, the call of the organizing committee of the walk, relayed by Hamas. Sign unprecedented change of tactics of the movement islamo-nationalist, police officers in uniform, including veiled women and orange vests, volunteers recruited for the occasion, load more or less of the monitoring of the event and its surroundings.

palestinian demonstrators trying to escape the israeli fire. MOHAMMED SALEM/REUTERS

Ishmael Haniyeh, the Hamas leader whose office was destroyed by an israeli air raid made an appearance. Leaders of the islamic jihad point to a head. “The message we want to get across is pacific. The people of Gaza demonstrates to the occupant that he wants to live normally, freely. He wants the end of the blockade and the return on its land,” says Khalid El-Batch, one of the patrons of this organization radical. Further, members of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigades, the armed branch of Hamas, chatting in civilian clothes in front of a car.

ambulance sirens wailing burst intermittently from the crowds to evacuate the wounded. A protester is killed

part of the participants, among whom were many women, stands quietly in tents or on embankments to 300 meters from the fence, the distance allowed by the israeli security forces. The others have overrun a vast wasteland along the border. Face it, snipers are positioned behind the deadly mounds of earth and jeeps circulate to sprinkle the crowd of powerful tear gas. The effect is guaranteed. Wave human move in order to escape the gusts chemical.

women have been present in numbers on Saturday 30 march for the first anniversary of the event. ANAS BABA/AFP

groups of young people and bands of children armed with sling taunting in the first line of their invisible enemies. They are a handful to move off the lot and poking at a sprint towards the barrier that they reach. The five young people stick back to the wall out of the reach of israeli fire. A thick cloud of smoke suffocates them. Asphyxiated, they are evacuated by rescuers.

ambulance sirens wailing burst intermittently from the crowds to evacuate the wounded. A protester is killed. A tear gas canister hit him in the face. A few incendiary bombs exploding. “Hamas does not want that we approach too close, but our goal is to cross the barrier,” explains a young man came to the neighborhood of Jabaliya. But the instructions “peaceful” Hamas are broadly followed, and the Idf says in a press release he opened fire “in accordance with standard operation procedures”. A new round of indirect discussions of the israeli-palestinian process can begin.