For the past four years, Sony is working on the next PlayStation. Recently, the conductive system has betrayed Mark Cerny, the architect, in an Interview with “Wired” first official Details on the Hardware. He stated, inter alia, that the new console will not be a mere Upgrade, which is comparable with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Cerny spoke of “fundamental Changes in what can be a game”. Even if it should be clear that the Name PlayStation 5 will be avoided Cerny, the name.

he Also said that the console in 2019 is not more to come on the market. The Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal confirmed now. Sony had assured him that the Next-Gen console doesn’t come up in the next twelve months on the market. That means that the PS5 will likely appear in the summer or fall of 2020.

PlayStation 5 comes out in 2020 on the market

Specifically, Cerny announced the following Details for the Hardware: The new PlayStation will be equipped with an AMD video card, the Radeon-Navi series, the 8K resolution, as well as Ray-Tracing. So Graf is expected to make a significant leap in comparison to the PS4.

the load times of the PS5 should be significantly shorter. This is thanks to a much faster and individual SSD hard drive. As a concrete example, Cerny calls the load time for fast travel in the game “Spider-Man”: While on the PS4 for about 15 seconds, should you take on the PS5 just 0.8 seconds. The built-in SSD disk should be faster than all current models are installed in PCs.

AMD processor with eight cores

The processor is based on the third Generation of the AMD-Ryzen-line and contains eight cores, the new 7nm-Zen-2-micro-architecture.

The AMD sound chip will include a user-defined unit for 3D-Audio, Cerny believes that you will define output sound for video games. With headphones, he promises a new “gold standard”.

Besides, the PS5 will have a optical disk drive and with all the Games the PS4 backwards compatible. About VR on the PS5 Cerny did not want to reveal much. He explained that the current VR Headset for the PS4 will work on the new console.

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