The lower Saxony’s automotive manufacturers listed currently with 150,38 Euro, the previous day’s closing price was however at 151,72 Euro. The competitors from the Dax, the Bavarian car manufacturer, BMW, has deteriorated, however, to 0.57 percent, to 73,29 EUR. For VW, this loss follows the downward trend of the last few days.

With space 27, and a loss of 0.89 % VW today lies in the lower third of the Dax, which has changed very little on the whole. The share of the lower Saxony automobile manufacturer is currently 26.01 and ending percent below its 52-week High, which was 189,50 Euro. The 52-week Low of the share certificate fraud 131,80 EUR.

Currently, the share price came on a trading volume of 2.79 million euros. On the trading day prior to that were traded at the same time, papers to the value of even 3,79 million euros.

Not only by the number of employees of 642.292 (December 2017), the Volkswagen AG, ranked 11th in the most important German stock market index. On the basis of the market value of lower Saxony automobile manufacturer of 86.943,22 million euros, the company has a weight of 2.98 % in the calculation of the Dax. The most weight (free float market capitalization) in the Dax, SAP, Siemens and Allianz.

In the VW on the 31. December 2017, ended the last financial year, lower Saxony’s automotive manufacturers, has achieved a turnover of Euro 230.7 billion euros and a profit (net) of € 11.4 billion.

data: tradegate Exchange / date: Friday, 23. November 2018, 15:59 PM

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