Although Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern are missing – still fighting from 16. January name-like clubs to the championship title in eFootball. The German football League (DFL) is the eTitelkampf for the first time in the “TAG Heuer the Virtual Bundesliga” League (VBL). On Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All the games of the Virtual Bundesliga: Live Stream of the Club Championsip-SeiteVBL on Thursday evening: eSport Bundesliga Live Stream of ProSieben MaxxVBL-night game: Live Stream of

ProSieben MAXX shows from 17. January 2019 Thursday at 20.15 clock in the top match of the week live and exclusive on Free TV. Best offer on

22 Clubs in the eBundesliga

ProSieben MAXX station chief, Daniel rosemann: “eSports is our young, male target audience enthusiastic play. Now, we start with a neat Kick into the new year: With the new ‘virtual League’ we are expanding our eSports offering and show nine weeks in a Top game of the VBL Club Championship live in Prime time.”

All of the 22 participating Clubs in the new VBL Club Championship to play in with a team size of two to four players against each other. With, among others, eSports-Teams of FC Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg or 1.FC Köln. Moderated “ran eSports: FIFA 19 – TAG Heuer Virtual Bundesliga” Max Zielke.

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