Come on, turn around, place – Tai is doing exactly what the Trainer says the black Labrador-shepherd mix. But to hear nothing. Instead of by acclamation, the six-year-old dog receives its commands via a remote control directly in the striking neon-orange vest a moment. He is remote controlled.

Because while other dogs are wearing their vests mostly, especially as a protection against the weather or for better visibility, is Tais developed specifically for the dogs control from the distance. In the vest five vibration motors are installed, which are then activated via the radio link, and to various parts of the body to different vibration parts of the trigger pattern and the dog know exactly what is expected of him.

Just the same good Understanding as in the case of language

“Our studies show that dogs respond as well or even better on the vibration characters, how to cries of,” explains Professor Amir Shapiro, head of the project of the Ben-Gurion University in Isreal’s Negev.

a Particularly elaborate Tai had to be trained for the use of the vest. “It was surprisingly easy. I’m not a professional Trainer but it didn’t take long to give him the commands to teach,” says researcher Yoav Golan, the science magazine “IEEE Spectrum”. However, he stresses that Tai knew the verbal commands. “It was just a kind of Translation of the verbal commands in the haptic.”

in Order to transfer the Tai of a command, it will begin to vibrate the parts of the vest according to specified Patterns. A continuous Vibrate on the right front leg is about to turn, a Pulsation at the same point stands for reverse running. Both motors vibrate on the hind legs, he should lie down. “I see no reason why a dog, of the hundreds knows verbal commands, not even hundreds of vibration can learn patterns. As long as he can keep them apart,” explains Golan.

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in fact, he even believes that the dogs can learn the haptic commands easier. “Voice commands are inconsistent. We never say anything twice in the same way, noise in the Background interfere. The haptic commands are much clearer and should be to teach and therefore better.” Have not tested it yet.

In the future, the Training could also be done automatically. Now there are vests, which can monitor the location of the dog and his movements, as well as rewards for good behavior to eject. “If you combined both of them and a training software there is automatic Training. Would you wear the vest, the command “sit” as the destination, and the vest would control the Pose, the command and give the dog a reward when he executes it,” dreams of the Golan.

The main purpose of the West to the researchers, the use of noise or out of earshot, such as in rescue missions or in combat. Dogs need to dig through debris or in the battle field, the enemies track, you would be equipped with cameras and Sensors like an animal drone is controllable, even in extreme noise you could get back to you quickly.

at some point a civilian use would be, for example, for language-disabled, or hearing-impaired dogs is conceivable, according to the researchers. For most people, but existing Vibration collars should be sufficient to be able to far-away dog back.

to market, the researchers need to experiment anyway much. In addition to more Sensors and commands, you should be tested for in other breeds as well as animals in different ages. It doesn’t have to react so well to the vest as Tai.

source: Ben-Gurion University, IEEE Spectrum

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