when you think of North Korea, presumably in addition to the bizarre dictator Kim Jong-un and his pursuit of nuclear weapons, especially in dreary poverty images in my head. The small Nation is also one of the greatest cyber dangers of the world, however, have the least on the paper. Now the US warns the Ministry of Finance: Alone with three hacker groups, occupy the Regime billions of dollars.

Because in the case of attacks on IT systems, Kim’s hackers to play with in the front of the. The best known attack is likely to have been “Wannacry”. Within a few hours of the pest is paralysed in the spring of 2017, hundreds of thousands of computer systems worldwide. In addition to private users, companies and authorities were affected. So, for example, Deutsche Bahn, fought for hours with broken display panels. Even worse, the British health system the NHS hit it. Days nothing, treatments, and surgeries went there, they had to wait. Alone the NHS, caused damages of over 100 million euros. How much money does the attack by North Korea brought, is not known.

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Sensational hacking

was Behind Lazarus, a North Korean secret service RGB sub-Hacker unit. The group was already notorious before Wannacry. In its announcement, the U.S. Treasury Department, the group allocates, among other things, the attack on Sony’s film Studio. At that time, attackers had taken control of the servers of the Studios, a number of internal documents, and even whole movies on the net. Background of the Comedy “The Interview”, in which dictator Kim on the grain is was taken. Here you can learn more. In the end, the hackers were unsuccessful: The Film was by the Hack, only even more successful.

Cyber Criminals Fin7: This hack works like a company and looted billions Of Malte Mansholt

in addition to Lazarus, the Ministry accuses two other Hacker groups, which are also to be from the RGB controlled. “Bluenoroff” is said to have been founded accordingly, with the explicit goal of purging with attacks on companies and individuals money in the cash-strapped regime. At least a portion of the proceeds go into the rocket program, the authority. With attacks on numerous country banks, crypto exchanges, and the international banking system Swift, the hackers will have taken so billion.

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The group “Andariel” has a slightly different focus. Although this RGB unit brings with attacks on ATMs and corporate money, is to put your focus more on the information gathering. So, it should be Andariel managed to 2016, to take over the Computer of the then South Korean defense Minister and so many highly sensitive military secrets about the warring brother state deduction tyres. In addition, it should be in the group managed to steal hundreds of millions of dollars of Asian crypto-exchanges.

The U.S. financial misterium, therefore, pulls the emergency brake: All the possessions, which are attributed to the groups in the U.S. territory, shall apply with the entry into force of the sanctions immediately seized. In addition, it prohibited all U.S. citizens to do business with one of the groups. The goal is to protect the safety of the financial system and other infrastructure, the authority. Whether the already severely restricted in North Korea through further sanctions to impress, but it seems to be doubtful.

sources: US Treasury, Trendmicro, Ars Technica,

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