Microsoft recently announced some significant changes to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. These changes include the introduction of new tiers and price increases across the board. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Starting immediately, new members signing up for the Xbox Game Pass Standard tier will have to pay $15 per month. However, this tier will no longer include access to Day One releases, EA Play, Game Pass for PC, and cloud gaming.

On the other hand, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier, which offers all the additional benefits not included in the Standard tier, will see a price increase from $17 to $20 per month.

For those interested in the Xbox Game Pass Core tier, which provides online access and a smaller library of curated games, the yearly subscription fee will be raised from $60 to $75. However, the monthly price of $10 for this tier will remain the same.

PC Game Pass subscribers will also experience a price hike, with the monthly fee increasing from $10 to $12. Despite this increase, the PC Game Pass tier will continue to include access to Day One releases.

These changes are set to take effect on September 12, so current subscribers will soon see the updated pricing on their accounts.

Price increases are never easy to swallow, especially for services that we have grown accustomed to at a certain price point. Many subscribers may be wondering whether it’s worth it to continue with their Xbox Game Pass subscription or if it’s time to cancel.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the service based on your individual gaming habits and preferences. Consider whether the benefits of each tier justify the new price points and whether you can still make the most out of the subscription.

Ultimately, the decision to continue or cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription is a personal one. Some may find the added features and content worth the extra cost, while others may feel that the price increase is no longer justifiable.

As with any subscription service, it’s crucial to regularly evaluate whether it still aligns with your needs and budget. Keep an eye on any future updates or changes to the Xbox Game Pass service to make an informed decision about your subscription moving forward.