In the Cloud 50 million Songs on-demand, our phones have up to 512 gigabytes of memory. Actually, there is no reason to use a commercially available MP3 Player, or even a lot of money to spend on it. But the iPod has long been a cult and collector’s item. Accordingly, old or rare models are traded at extremely high prices, such as baseball cards from the 60s or Star-Wars-figures of the Eighties.

a relic from the ‘ 80s, These Teens do not know more, such as a Walkman

does not work, of Course, every iPod is worth a fortune. In General, the model and the better the condition, the following applies: the older, the higher the prices achieved on sales platforms. So if you have a couple of old Apple devices at home and a bit of Extra holiday money needs, and should again have to rummage in the drawers or boxes in the attic to inspect.

€ 20,000 for an iPod

is one of the most valuable models, not surprisingly, is the iPod Classic the first Generation. A boxed (!) Model with five gigabytes of storage is offered on Ebay currently for 19,995 for the US Dollar. Whether the Anbeieter the MP3 Player that for the first time on 23. October 2001 was presented, for this price get rid of. However, a boxed model of the first Generation is for collectors this is a extremely sought-after object. In front of one and a half years, such a model is changed after all, for 4750 dollars to the owner.

iPhone-met rumors of The next iPhone Apple, finally, the greatest desire of the customers Of Malte Mansholt

But other models are worth a lot: A white fifth Generation iPod with 30 GB of storage, was sold in March for more than 800 Euro. A boxed limited U2 Edition brought together more than 1000 dollars. Even for a relatively current iPod Classic seventh Generation 160-Gigabyte hard drive you can get 400 to 500 euros. For comparison: In the Apple Store the good piece once cost 229 Euro.

well-preserved models of the iPod Touch are popular collector’s goods: The iPod Touch first Generation with 32 gigabytes of storage in unopened original packaging 425 US dollars.

Why bring an old iPod so much?

why do some people pay so much for old iPods? after the performance, the music player has been underestimated, but he quickly became a cult object, and was the beginning of Apple’s raketenhaftem rise. Even the first iPhone 2G goes for record sums, the owners, most recently in March, for 3250 dollars.

However, not all products are coveted collectors ‘ items. The Apple Newton, a sort of flopped predecessor of the smartphone, you get on Ebay for around 50 Euro. The unloved technology remains, almost 20 years after its release, a Flop.

New System iOS 13: the Apple iPhone and iPad want to change

In four weeks, this is it: Apple will, for the first time to introduce the new iOS 13. After it focused last year on bug fixes, at this time, again, larger Changes. Especially the iPad, to change powerful.

By Malte Mansholt