Dragon Age 4 was initially known as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, but as the game nears its fall 2024 release, BioWare decided to change the title to Dragon Age: The Veilguard. Game Informer had the opportunity to visit BioWare’s Edmonton office for an exclusive look at the game, where they learned about the reasons behind the name change.

The leads behind The Veilguard shared their insights on the decision to change the title. Game director Corinne Busche emphasized that the game’s focus is on the diverse companions and the team as a whole, rather than a specific individual like Solas. Creative director John Epler highlighted the importance of the team and companions in shaping the game, while general manager Gary McKay emphasized the unique and integral role of the companions in both the story and gameplay. Former executive producer Mark Darrah supported the name change, stating that it reflects the evolving nature of the game.

Despite Solas not being in the game title, Mark Darrah assured that The Veilguard will still explore his narrative in a meaningful way. John Epler revealed that Solas is not a typical villain but a complex character with nuanced motivations, offering players the opportunity to develop a unique relationship with him through their choices.

In the game’s prologue, players will encounter Solas in a dream-like landscape after stopping his attempt to destroy the Veil. Solas finds himself trapped in the Fade, needing to work with the player-character Rook to address the consequences of his actions. Epler explained that the game’s narrative will present players with challenging decisions that will shape their relationship with Solas.

Overall, Dragon Age: The Veilguard promises an immersive experience that delves into the complexities of its characters and world. Players can look forward to engaging with a diverse cast of companions, navigating intricate relationships, and uncovering the consequences of past actions. For more exclusive details and insights on the game, be sure to explore the Dragon Age: The Veilguard hub.