Zenless Zone Zero version 1.0, also known as the launch version of the game, features 17 agents in total. While most of these characters can be obtained through the gacha feature called Signal Search, there are a few free characters that players can unlock without spending any money. In this guide, we will walk you through how to unlock all the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

As of now, the following free characters are available in Zenless Zone Zero:
– Nicole
– Anby
– Billy
– Corin
– Soukaku
– Ben

These characters can be obtained in-game without the need for any purchases. However, if you want to maximize their potential, you will need to acquire their respective Agent Focus, which can be earned through duplicates from Signal Search or purchased from the Signal Shop.

Nicole, Anby, and Billy are members of the Cunning Hares faction and are the first free characters that players can recruit early in the game. Nicole is a Support-type character with the Ether element, Anby is a Stun specialist with the Electric element, and Billy is a ranged Attack specialist with dual pistols.

Corin, on the other hand, is an Attack specialist from the Victoria Housekeeping Co. faction. She deals Physical damage and is a melee character who excels in close combat. Players can claim Corin as a reward through global pre-registration milestone rewards.

Ben Bigger is the only Defense-type agent in the game and provides shielding and protection to teammates. Players can recruit Ben by completing the “Rookie on the Road” event objective, reaching Inter-Knot level 23, and finishing Chapter 2.

Soukaku is another free character in Zenless Zone Zero who specializes in the Ice element and provides bonus ATK and Ice damage to allies. Players can unlock Soukaku by completing Chapter 2 – Interlude, reaching Inter-Knot level 30, and clearing Shiyu Defense Stage 3.

In addition to the free characters, players can also try their luck in the Star-Studded Cast banner to obtain S-rank agents through Signal Search. The banner offers a promo where 10 pulls only cost 8x Master Tape, and players are guaranteed one S-rank character within 50 pulls. Some of the S-rank agents available in the banner include Grace, Rina, Koleda, Nekomiya, Soldier 11, and Lycaon.

Overall, Zenless Zone Zero offers a variety of free characters that players can unlock without spending any money. By following this guide and utilizing the tips provided, players can build a strong roster of agents and enjoy the game to its fullest.