North Korean hackers have stolen UN-according to experts, by attacks on the Internet of money values in the billions. Many of the specialists worked under the direction of the secret service of the autocratic state and “raise money for his program for weapons of mass destruction,” – said in a report by independent experts, the North Korea sanctions Committee of the United Nations. In the night to Tuesday the US had reported on the channel CNN is already on the paper.

The total revenue through the Online raids is estimated to be up to two billion dollars, and it remained unclear to which period the experts to believe. The German press Agency was able to view the summary of the yet unpublished report. Several diplomats confirmed that this was sent out to the members of the sanctions Committee. In September, he is to be the security Council and thereafter published presented.

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In the report, it does not mean that North Korea attacks take at his “increasingly sophisticated” only to funds from conventional financial institutions targeted, but also digital currencies such as Bitcoin. This would be for hackers the advantage that attacks on you are track difficult to emulate and you would be less well monitored by governments.

North Korea is always associated with complex attacks in the Internet. So is attributed to the country of the attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, where the entire E-Mail consisted of Hollywood captured the Studios and the Server have been deleted. Also, the attack with the extortion software WannaCry in 2017, several hundred thousand computers in 150 countries encrypted, according to official US accusations on the account of North Korea.

rocket launch in North Korea, the hydrogen bomb and more powerful Intercontinental ballistic missile – so Kim Jong-Un is a threat to the main cities in the world By Gernot Kramper revenue for the rocket

The UN report comes to the conclusion that North Korea attempts with his raids on the Internet to circumvent the financial sanctions against the country. With digital currencies can be online, largely anonymously, to pay, because they operate independently of governments or banks. At the same time, the report found that representatives of North Korea abroad have tried, in spite of further Prohibited, for the mass extermination program in the country to shop.

UN resolutions, North Korea has repeatedly tested nuclear bombs, ban – the launches of ballistic missiles of short, medium and long range. Such missiles are usually surface-to-surface missile, which can carry a conventional, chemical, biological, or nuclear warhead. On Tuesday, North Korea had tested again missiles, and two missiles into the sea of Japan fired. It was the fourth rocket was start in the past nearly two weeks.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President, Donald Trump had agreed at the end of June in the border town of Panmunjom on the Korean Peninsula, talks on nuclear disarmament in the Region. After their failed summit Meeting in February in Vietnam aroused new hope for progress in the stalled negotiations.

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