In the Strait of Hormuz, the US Navy has deployed a new weapons technology successfully to get a drone out of the sky. The radiation-based technology to make the U.S. armed forces for the new challenges of the drones campaign ready. And only the first beam weapon are likely to be many.

The Iranian drone had approached on Thursday dangerously close to the Persian Gulf cruise USS Boxer, was confirmed by the Pentagon in a Statement. “The ship initiated defensive measures to protect himself and his Crew in front of the ‘UAS’ (abbreviation for Unmanned Aircraft System unmanned aerial vehicle, editor’s note).”

beams instead of missiles, weapons technology Renaissance of the powder gun – US Navy tests new high-speed projectile By Gernot Kramper

Instead of to put on the Board kannonen of the assault ship of the Wasp-class or on-Board missiles, the captain ordered the new “Light Navy, Air Defense Integrated System”, in short LMADIS to get the drone out of the sky. Behind the acronym is a compact weapons system, which combines Radar, guns and a high-intensity radio station and for use against drones was developed is plugged in. “It can detect enemy UAS, detect, track and defeat,” says a soldier in a Clip of the “Marine Times”.

“The four phases of the Radar scans the environment and returns the results to a connected Tablet,” said the soldier. The Marines could then decide on the spot whether it is a private or a hostile flying object and it is needed specifically with the high-frequency radio transmitter incapacitate. In the Facebook Video below, the US Navy shows your System.

Innovation– the Light Navy, Air Defense Integrated System, How does the Marine Corps counter the unmanned aerial…

Posted by 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit on Wednesday, 26. September 2018

infantry System on Deck

The LMADIS is actually intended for infantry use in the field, it is mounted on all-terrain vehicles. Also, the launch System of the USS Boxer is not installed in the ship. In the case of on Twitter posted pictures of the parked SUV, with the built-in System to detect the edge of the land area.

The use of the ship is likely to be mainly due to cost reasons. Longer the US armed forces have to grapple with the question of how to respond to the flood of ever cheaper drones. The combat ships are actually designed for use against similar ships or large targets close to the coast. An attack with a ton of small, agile drones is not provided, said the Navy officer Thomas Callender to the specialists, “USNI News”.

beam weapons to save money

While it is always possible to make a drone with missiles to fend off the cost-but then go quickly into the millions. The on-Board cannons and the Miniguns are very similar to CIWS for short range and could hit the drones, while necessary because of the unusually slow Flight of the drones but numerous shots, so Callender. This would still apply thousands of dollars of ammunition wasted, especially since a ship can only carry a limited number of shots. “We are wasting hundreds of thousands or even millions of missiles and high-end weapons against something that costs very little.” With the LMADIS the cost ratio is brought straight again.

Actually, the US is likely to continue in the near future, more on beam weapons. With a “Thor” baptized System the U.S. wants to be able to switch off air force in the future through the use of micro-waves is equal to whole swarms of drones with a single blow. The Army introduced in the last year, a micro-wave System against drones-danger. Still further, the Navy wants to go with “HELIOS”. The Lockheed-Martin advanced energy weapon is to be mounted from 2021 on a destroyer and him, the first battle system with a 60-Kilowatt laser cannon make.

sources: Navy Times, US Department of defense, USNI, The Verge

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