Twitter will limit the number of replies to a tweet

Photo: depositphotos/Mactrunk

the Social network Twitter in 2020 will have significant changes. It is reported

it is Noted that in the near future, the developers plan to add the ability to control lists of users who can respond to the published record.

So, users will be able to regulate responses to tweets using the four options. In particular, the Global function allows all people to comment on the record, Group – those who subscribed to the user or mentioned in a tweet, Panel – to those who are directly mentioned in the message, a Statement – completely eliminates the possibility of response.

Thanks to innovations platform struggling with bullying on the social network. In addition, there are plans to allow quoting of retweets to limit misinformation by the published records.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp will stop working on some smartphones. The changes will affect those users that have devices with older versions of the operating systems iOS and Android.

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