Twitter will appear Emoji-reaction

the microblogging Service Twitter is experimenting with smart responses that will allow you to quickly Express their attitude to recording, leaving the answer with a smiley face. A screenshot of the new feature posted independent developer Jane Vaughn.

in Addition to Emoji, the tweet will be possible to respond to “history” (React with Fleet) – as in Instagram. The native format of posts that are impossible to like, comment on or retweet, and completely “burn” the next day, the company began testing this spring.

is Twitter working on Tweet Reactions…?

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 10, 2020

Twitter explained that Fleets is the solution for those who feel uncomfortable due to the open nature of the service, and just want to share what’s on his mind. Posts in the new format are not displayed in the search, they cannot be embedded on third party website, and 24 hours after publication, they will automatically be removed.

As noted by The Verge, Twitter has experimented with Emoji-reactions to posts in 2015, but have not implemented this feature. In personal correspondence an opportunity to respond to the message with a smiley appeared recently.

Text: To.Hi-tech