Twitter wants to step up the fight against politicians who violate the rules of conduct of the short message service. Tweets that were “in the public interest”, would be published in the event of rule violations continue, however, with a note attached, informed the U.S. company on Thursday in a Blog entry. Twitter also intends to revise its Algorithms to such short messages with a shorter range and less people will read.

the label for improper Tweets

The Twitter rules prohibit, among other things, “statements that bring out the desire or the hope that someone will suffer physical harm”. Hate schürendes behavior is also prohibited. Also, it is not allowed “to use the services of Twitter with the aim to manipulate elections or to interfere”.

In the past, Tweets that called about of violence had been, not erased, if you had been in the public interest. “But it was not clear in which cases we have decided and why,” reads the entry. The new note should now “provide additional clarity”. The measure will apply for the verified portals, political candidates and government representatives, with more than 100,000 subscribers.

On the Twitter Blog it is said that a Team from various fields will decide whether certain rule to be contrary to the Tweets in the public interest. This is for instance the case when the message could serve to pull the author for his statements on the responsibility.

could also US President, Trump meet

The new feature could also US President Donald Trump meetings, which shall give its opinions to current topics, preferably via the short message service, and there were 61 million subscribers Critics accused him, repeatedly, to break with his contributions against the terms of use of Twitter.

The U.S. President had accused Twitter and the other big Tech corporations only on Wednesday in the channel Fox Business, “conservative” content, to suppress it. Twitter he accused, to prevent users to follow him. The do it to him “very hard” to spread his messages. What Twitter was doing, was “just awful”. Evidence for his allegations, he submitted.