Twitter gets tough on content, targeting communities against religion. In future, messages will be deleted, in which religious groups with vermin, and communicable diseases are compared, or in any other manner be massively offended.

The main focus is spent on the combat of the risks to which people are offline exposed to in the real world, informed the security Department of Twitter on Tuesday in a blog post. “The research has shown that the dehumanisation of the language increases this risk.” Therefore, Twitter will bind in the future a language among the community of other people because of their religion dehumanizing.

From a Feedback process, with responses from over 30 countries have taken certain messages. Twitter will in the future communicate in a clearer language, perform, including examples of rule violations. “Many people expressed concern as to whether Twitter is capable of, the rules fair and enforce them consistently.” Therefore, we have developed a more thorough training process.

Twitter is the last year tightened against aggressive users. In may 2018, the network announced, with the help of a broader behavior analysis approach, instead of just individual contributions to it chasing.

but The procedure is controversial. Affected troublemakers like the US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accuse Twitter of censorship. At the same time, Twitter sees itself exposed to accusations decided not enough hate comments to stop.

US President Donald Trump uses Twitter for the massive mobilization of his political base, has repeatedly criticized the changes in the rules of the game. Next Thursday will be held in the White house, a Meeting with the “digital leaders” from the right of the political spectrum, the Twitter and Facebook accuse the obstruction of their freedom of expression. Twitter and Facebook were not invited to the Hearing according to this “Social Media summit”.