Twitter is one of the most powerful men and women in the world, now Standard Repertoire of communication. Just a short Tweet to settle – it’s fast, and can be reached within a few seconds millions of Users. Especially, US President, Donald Trump has discovered the short message service as the most important channel of communication, to trombones to his thoughts and ideas in the world. That he keeps not always to the rules of the game, has been disturbed anyone big.

Now it’s complaining User about the fact that the operators of state and government to exempt heads of many of the rules and this again and again with impunity, false, misleading, or offensive messages to spread. Four months after the controversial new rules on Twitter back row at least a piece. The Californians did not put in a Tweet in its own case clear that even high-ranking politicians of the law completely stand on the Twitter.

Donald Trump’s Twitter deletes his Tweet SpotOnNews Twitter policy: What will change now

In six areas want to offend the company is now also on Twitter, politicians, hard, against the rules. In the case of the glorification of terrorism, in “clear and direct threat of violence”, in the publication of private data such as addresses and telephone numbers, in the case of intimate photos and Videos without the consent of the person Concerned, in the case of the sexual exploitation of children, as well as any type of self-injury.

So Twitter wants to limit the options to retweet such posts or to like. You should also show up in the algorithmic sorting of the Timeline. If a rule is violated, to be displayed next to the Tweet as a note, the User must confirm to the Tweet to see.

Twitter in the quandary

Twitter had declared in the summer that Tweets from politicians can stay on the platform, even if they violate the rules of the service. This should happen for example in cases when they have news value or there is a public interest in ensuring that the content will remain available. The company wanted to withdraw from this emerging allegations of censorship. Shortly after, a tweet from Donald Trump triggered by Internet users, and protests. The US President took advantage of his freedom to call for open violence and to vaccinate people publicly complained. Such Hate speech has put Twitter now have at least a small bar.

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