It was a brilliant Plan: Because the young users turned away from the old, well-established service, buy just the hip of the competitors, to which they were migrated, and deserves to be so hard on you. But the recipe that worked for Facebook and Instagram so wonderful, failed for Yahoo with a Bang. Tumblr, one tiger, hope, and biggest investment of the group, has just been repelled for junk price.

The Blog network Tumblr was the last great prank of the former Yahoo’s high-flyer Marissa Mayer. In April 2013, a month before the Acquisition was recorded in the page-like say 13 billion in orders from all over the world. For comparison: As Mark Zuckerberg Instagram bought, had the photo service only, nearly 300 million monthly views. No wonder Mayer made $ 1.1 billion for the Takeover, loose, 100 million more than Zuckerberg for Instagram to be paid.

rip off Fake-Shop instead of a bargain: Instagram users cheers advertising to rip-off pages Of Malte Mansholt Young Porn-Paradise

The reason is likely to be a number, which can be had for Yahoo hardly more attractive: More than half of Tumblr users in 2011 was under 25 years old – during the Yahoo user base aged just always more. These users should, however, wonderful with ads to monetize, so Mayer’s calculus. But unfortunately there was between Tumblr and Instagram a huge difference.

While the photo service as a social network work, the user is each other – and often under their own names – their private pictures showed, appreciated the Tumblr users especially, the anonymity of your favorite page. And exchanged there, tons of porn.

Well 17% of Tumblr visits had “adult content” as the target, calculated shortly after the Takeover, the Tech-Blog “Techcrunch”. Even worse: 22 percent of Tumblr Links came from Porn sites. For Yahoo, this was a gigantic Problem. Even if Porn sites are full of MIS-advertising is the only way, it is virtually impossible to sell to established companies in such an environment, advertising. The hoped-for windfall from remained.

After blocking in the App Store Tumblr porn blocks, graphical content, and the Community discussed Late turning

in fact, it wasn’t long until the group realized his mistake. Three years after the Acquisition, Yahoo took the daughter to a loss of value of 482 million dollars to write off. The porn to disconnect simply, had not dared to Yahoo anyway. The new owner of Verizon fact, in the first place. The U.S. telecommunications giant, took over in 2017, the whole of the Yahoo-group and thus also of the controversial network. Last fall, the group put all of the-18-content on Tumblr.

The decision was not voluntary: Apple had previously thrown out the Tumblr App from the App Store because your child pornographic content had appeared. The important iPhone-don’t lose users, decided by Verizon to abstain henceforth entirely on the Sex content. The consequences were dramatic: in The already heavily-folded users plummeted by a third. In the summer of Tumblr recorded with 300 million Visits, only one-tenth of the visits to the Acquisition. Instagram made it in this time, to grow to a billion registered users.

Now separated Verizon from Tumblr, the new owner of the WordPress mother Automaticc is. According to rumors, the group should have a scroll hung around three million dollars – and, therefore, 0.3 of a percentage of the price that Yahoo had paid seven years ago – for it. What will start Automaticc exactly with Tumblr, is not yet known. The Acquisition came as a surprise, for a long time Pornhub had been considered as the only possible buyer. We want to conserve the culture of the page, which allow millions of users to share ideas, cultures and experiences, said the Automaticc-CEO Matt mull hill in a Statement. The porn should not come back.

sources: Axios, Automaticc, Techcrunch

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