Vanguard’s Zombies Mode is a prologue for the Black Ops Cold War story.

Treyarch’s Zombies storyline in Call of Duty: Vanguard will be continued for the first time outside of the core Black Ops series. Treyarch will be leading the development of Vanguard Zombies. He will also tell a prologue story similar to that told last year in Cold War.

Fans of CoD’s Zombies mode will be excited to hear that Treyarch is involved. While other Call of Duty studios may have created their own versions of the wave-based survival game (e.g. Sledgehammer’s take against Nazi Zombies 2017’s CoD, WW2), none of these have had the same lasting fanbase as Treyarch’s original Zombies mode which was first introduced in 2008’s World at War.

This is all Activision has to say about Vanguard Zombies thus far. But, I’m sure there will be more information before the November 5th release.

Treyarch is the first to create a Zombies mode other than Black Ops. However, the story will be interwoven with the main Zombies storyline so fans might feel right at home. Vanguard is the second consecutive year Treyarch has worked with another Call of Duty studio to create different parts of a game. Raven Software was responsible for Black Ops – Cold War’s campaign, while Treyarch was focused on multiplayer and Zombies.

This collaboration rate means that next year’s Call of Duty may have a campaign by Infinity Ward, Zombies of Treyarch multiplayer, Warzone 2 from Toys For Bob, and Zombies of Treyarch.


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