In 1235, the grandson of Genghis Khan, Batu Kahn, began to conquer Europe. In the battle of Legnica, the Mongols beat a United German-Polish army of knights, but as they were already in front of the Wiener Neustadt, they withdrew surprising. The great Khan Ugedai died, and Batu Kahn aspired to the succession. So Western Europe was spared, but the Golden Horde marched before, straight through the Russia of today. On the nature of the Invasion were mixed views. In the research of the opinion that the conquest by Batu Kahn was held without major violence took place, because most of the cities and regions were without resistance dominated. A very different picture of the archaeological excavations in Yaroslavl, a city which was destroyed in 1238 by the Mongols, as the devastated the Grand Duchy of Vladimir’s result.

In the year 2005, was started with the excavations on the site of the Marie of the assumption Cathedral. The medieval Church was demolished in the Stalin era, and between 2004 and 2011 rebuilt. On the site, the researchers found the bodies of 300 people that was killed in a gruesome massacre. The skeletons of the dead the traces of brutal torture and violence were found, the bones were broken, pierced, and burnt.


In the pit, the corpses were stored until long after her death.

©Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology PR atrocities were characteristic of the Russian Folklore

“Batu Khan’s conquest was the greatest national tragedy, which exceeded any other event in cruelty and destruction. It is no coincidence that it is one of the few such events held in the Russian Folklore the catchment,” said Asya Engovatova, Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology and head of excavations. “What we know now about these Raids, suggests that the old descriptions of “a blood-drowned city” were more than just a phrase.”

All of the 300 people died a violent death. In a shallow pit – the grave no. 76 – were buried 15 persons. This pit was in the center of the citadel, it is believed that the bodies of members of the upper class have been disposed of. In the pit, archaeologists discovered the remains of a family. “In addition to the big picture of the collapse of the city in the year 1238, we see today the tragedy of a family“, so Engovatova. “The DNA analysis has shown that there are Remains of genetically related individuals from three generations.”


Contemporary representation of the Mongolian conquest.


After the massacre the corpses were dumped by the dozens in mass graves. Scientists have now used DNA analysis to prove that three of the dead – two women and a young man were close relatives: a mother, her daughter and her grandson. The matriarch of the family was at least 55 years old, your daughter is about 30 to 40 years old and the grandson is not older than 20 years. The female head of the family could not protect the Younger ones. The dead show traces of extreme violence. Another member of the family was found in another tomb.

traces of inbred marriages

anomalies of the dead suggest, the Tradition of inter-family marriages in the clan. Because of the hereditary diseases, it was even before the DNA evidence that the three dead were related. The family were found a few meters away from their residence. All three must have been rich. An advanced caries, suggests that the dead regularly took honey and sugar. In the case of the conquest, the inhabitants of the spot were tortured and slain, and only very much later in the pits buried. “These people were killed, and their bodies were quite a long time in the snow”, so Engovatova. “In April or may the flies began to multiply on the Remains, and at the end of may or beginning of June, they were buried in a pit on the HOMESTEAD, on which they had lived.”

source: Ancient Origins

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