Traffic to the portal increased by 20 million

Attendance of the portal “public Services” increased considerably due to service, introduced in April and may. It is, in particular, the service that allows you to draw children’s allowance.

“the Whole amount for the new services that we launched in April-may, gave us a gain of 20 million electronic statements, which for this time through the portal we have processed”, – TASS quoted the Minister Maksuta Shadaeva.

According to him, the volume of statements added to the standard traffic.

Chagaev noted that the design of the services via the relevant portal is not only convenient, but also safe for users.

“it is Clear that the application takes 2-3 minutes, no need to go anywhere. But the most important thing we could is to overcome the psychological barrier many agencies that have realized that it is also very simple and actually even more convenient for their work,” added the Minister.

In mid-may, Chadaev said that the number of complaints of Russians on the portal for the month exceeded the norm three times.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced measures to support families with children during the outbreak of coronavirus. To submit an application to obtain the relevant payment is easiest via the portal of public services. Also the portal you can use to get a digital pass to get around the city in a throughput mode.