Our beloved Aerith from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to magic. With the right staff, she can unleash devastating attacks on enemies and keep your party healthy with her high magic stats and limit breaks. It’s essential to collect all of Aerith’s staves to unlock their unique abilities and maximize her potential in late-game battles and Hard Mode playthroughs.

One of the top staves for Aerith is the Gambanteinn, the final weapon you can acquire for her. While it may not be the most optimal choice, it offers a decent bonus to magic and a good number of materia slots. To enhance its effectiveness, consider equipping ATB Charge Rate Up to boost Aerith’s gauges, Magic Attack Power +20 for increased magic damage, and Reprieve to give her a second chance at 1 HP if she falls in battle.

If you’re looking to turn Aerith into a powerful offensive spellcaster, the Plumose Rod is the way to go. With a high magic damage boost and plenty of materia slots, this staff will make her a formidable magic user. To further enhance her abilities, consider equipping Max HP +200 to increase her durability and Enduring Ward to extend the duration of her protective wards.

For players who prefer Aerith to focus on healing and support, the Timeless Rod or Ceremonial Staff are excellent choices. The Timeless Rod may offer fewer stat bonuses, but with Altruistic Recovery +10%, you can increase the amount of health she restores to party members with cure spells. Combined with Enduring Ward and Max HP +200, Aerith will be a reliable healer on the battlefield.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Aerith excels in her role as a healer and magic user. Each of the staves mentioned in this guide offers unique benefits to enhance her abilities in combat. Whether you prefer a more offensive, defensive, or supportive playstyle, Aerith’s staves can be tailored to suit your preferences and playstyle. Choose wisely and watch as Aerith becomes an indispensable member of your party.