Ethan Gach, a journalist, was in LA last week for Summer Game Fest, which caused a delay in his progress in the game “The Final Shape.” While others were busy with the raid race and post-game grind, he was still halfway through the main campaign. Despite finding the early missions a bit of a slog, Ethan is excited to delve into the back-half of the game, which he has been told is the strongest part. He looks forward to experiencing the campaign at his own pace, without the pressure of keeping up with the community. The anticipation of an Avengers-style showdown has him eager to continue playing Destiny 2 this weekend.

Willa Rowe, another journalist, expresses her excitement about playing the DLC “Night Springs” for Alan Wake II this weekend. As a fan of the game, she is eager to explore the non-canon self-contained stories about side characters from the base game. With stories about an Alan-obsessed waitress, a meta-story about actor Shawn Ashmore, and a Control crossover, Willa expects a fun and diverse gameplay experience.

Claire Jackson, a journalist, finds herself questioning her life choices as she gears up for another weekend of playing Starfield. Despite spending over 100 hours with the game previously, the addition of official and community mods has reignited her interest. Claire plans to mod the game extensively, trimming away elements she dislikes and adding in features she enjoys. She is hopeful that with the new mods available, she can finally experience the game she envisioned.

John Walker, a journalist, admits to never having played Dragon Age: Inquisition, despite being a fan of the previous games in the series. He attributes this to the game’s release coinciding with a busy period in his life. However, influenced by his colleagues’ love for the game, he has decided to give it a chance this weekend. John is intrigued by the game’s depth and has already found himself drawn in by simple tasks like gathering Elfroot. He plans to spend his weekend exploring the world of Inquisition and seeing what all the fuss is about.

As these journalists embark on their gaming adventures this weekend, they are looking forward to immersing themselves in the worlds of Destiny 2, Alan Wake II, Starfield, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Each game offers a unique experience and challenges, keeping the players engaged and entertained. So, whether it’s battling aliens, exploring the mysteries of space, or brewing potions in a fantasy realm, these journalists are ready for an exciting weekend of gaming.