A woman was caught smuggling 350 Nintendo Switch games in her bra at an airport in China. The incident took place at the Liantang Port in Hong Kong when Customs officers noticed the woman acting suspiciously and having oddly shaped breasts during a routine inspection. Upon further investigation, they found that she had stuffed over 300 Switch cartridges in her brassiere. The total value of the games confiscated was estimated to be around $9,660 USD.

According to the Regulations on the Implementation of Customs Administrative Punishments of the People’s Republic of China, smuggling goods without paying the necessary taxes is illegal. However, since the Switch cartridges are not considered restricted items in China, the woman is unlikely to face jail time but could be fined up to three times the amount of duties payable.

The bizarre incident has sparked curiosity among people, with some even challenging themselves to fit 350 Switch carts into lingerie. It seems like a difficult task considering the weight and size of the games, as well as the challenge of trying to look inconspicuous while carrying them in such a manner. The failed attempt by the woman serves as a reminder of the consequences of attempting to smuggle goods across borders illegally.