Arrowhead’s hit game Helldivers 2, which was a huge success on PlayStation, is facing a significant decline in its player base on PC. The game, which broke records as PlayStation’s fastest-selling title, has seen a drastic drop in the number of players on Steam. The all-time concurrent peak of 458,709 players has now dropped to just around 10%, with only 41,860 concurrent players on average in the last 30 days.

While these numbers only reflect the player base on Steam, it is important to note that Helldivers 2 is also available on PS5, where there may be a larger player community. However, Sony’s handling of the game has been less than stellar, with a series of errors and missteps that have alienated the player base.

One such error was the infamous PSN debacle earlier this year, which led to a wave of negative reviews and ultimately resulted in the game being pulled from sale in 177 countries where PSN was not accessible. Sony was forced to backtrack on their decisions due to the backlash from the community.

Adding to the list of blunders, a leaked Helldivers 2 stratagem surfaced online last week, appearing to be from an official Sony email. The email introduced a new weapon, the Airburst Rocket Launcher, as a reward for completing a specific in-game mission. However, the weapon featured in the image accompanying the email was not the Airburst Rocket Launcher, nor was it any known weapon in the game at that time.

These constant missteps from Sony have undoubtedly contributed to the decline in the player base of Helldivers 2 on PC. It remains to be seen whether the game can recover from these setbacks and regain the trust of its player community. In the meantime, fans of the game will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds in the coming months.