The AirPods are for Apple what American business experts call a “sleeper hit” – a Hit that doesn’t get the attention it deserves actually. Initially, they were ridiculed, but this is changing gradually. The white earbuds are now part of the city image of many cities, you see them with joggers in the Park, and commuters in the subways. Especially in the case of young people, you are popular. According to estimates, Apple sold in the last year, between 26 and 28 million AirPods. This year, it could be almost twice as many, also thanks to the recently introduced second Generation of earphones (more background here).

It is a worthwhile business now the competition wants to earn. How the US intelligence Agency “Bloomberg“ reported, citing people familiar plans of the shipping retailer Amazon also the entry into the headphone market.

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In the second half of the year to think of Amazon as an Alternative to Apple AirPods says. It is also completely wireless headphones that are supplied with a storage box that doubles as a charging station. At the scheduled price, there is no indication. But one can assume that Amazon will offer the competition. Apple AirPods cost starting at 179 Euro, Samsung’s new GalaxyBuds at 149 euros.

The AirPods competitors are one of the most important projects in the Amazon and development laboratory Lab126. Originally, you should come a few months ago on the market, but it seems that there are development difficulties. The headphones are designed to look like Apple AirPods, Amazon waived on brackets, as used in some sports models. It uses Gestures with Touch. However, the sound quality should be better, according to “Bloomberg”. In addition, it will be with a grey and Black multiple colors. The AirPods, there is, as yet, only in White.

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The biggest difference: Instead of Siri, way, Alexa, comes logically. The language assistant you already know from the Echo-in speakers, and Fire TV devices. So you can about the music you play, or issues, such as the weather. You can shop on this way, with the headphones also is it in the report – a Feature that Amazon is always emphasized especially used by the users according to experience, but hardly.

Because of the Amazon-the headphones do not have built-in cellular connection, you need to be before use with a telephone coupled to Alexa-execute commands. How well this works in everyday life on iOS and Android Smartphones.

competition from the own house

wireless headphones are one of the fastest-growing product categories. Studies of Counterpoint Research, Apple currently holds about 60 percent of the market share. In addition to Samsung (Galaxy Buds), and Huawei (FreeBuds) courting well-known companies such as Bose (sound sport Free), Sennheiser (Momentum True Wireless), Sony (WF-1000X), Bang & Olufsen (Beoplay E8) and Jabra (Elite 65t) to the user.

Before the competition abjagt a market share, cannibalizing it for yourself – that seems to be the Motto in Cupertino. The AirPods will also get competition from your own house: this week, Apple subsidiary brand Beats introduced the improved Beats Pro, from may, you are in the trade. These are In-Ear headphones, which are equipped with the same Chip as the new AirPods (this is also supported by the “Hey Siri”function), by a non-slip strap, however, fixed to the ears stapled. In addition, they offer a longer battery life and are sweat – and water-resistant. With 250 euros, however, they are also more expensive than the Apple earphones.

source: Bloomberg

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