Tinder will allow you to disable the

Service for Dating Tinder will soon add a new feature that will allow you to search for a romantic partner around the world, not just nearby. After switching the profile to “global mode” (Global Mode) it will become public – it will be able to view and comment users from around the world, regardless of location. About it reports the Verge with reference to the representatives of the company.

Global Mode is very similar to the function of the Passport, which is available only for a fee under subscriptions Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. However, if the Passport allows the user to specify a particular city or region, with the people whom he wants to learn, in Global Mode it agrees to communicate with any foreigners. In addition, the new free mode.

As expected, the Tinder will begin testing a new feature starting next week. The company added that the idea of removing the geographical restrictions they were guided by the pandemic coronavirus infection, because of which millions of people around the world were on the isolation.

Previously, Tinder started to warn users about the danger of infection coronavirus infection. When you start the application a pop-up window that provides a list of measures for the prevention of infection. Tinder writes: “wash your hands Often, clean them with a disinfectant gel, do not touch your face and try to keep your distance in public places.”

Text: To.Hi-tech