TikTok will cease to pry into the phone memory

the administration of the service TikTok owned by Chinese Bytedance, has promised that popular app with short video will stop surveillance of the contents of the clipboard iPhone – memory space used for the operations “copy” and “paste”. To catch the program in such behavior helped the new operating system of Apple.

the scandal surrounding the spying on the clipboard began in March of this year. Then, independent researchers have published a list of apps that practitioners such – among them were not only TikTok, but the messenger Viber, a news app Russia Today, shooter PUBG, and many others.

the Researchers thus tried to convince Apple that it needs to eliminate the vulnerability is to limit the ability for applications unchecked and unnoticed for the user to read the contents from the clipboard. As writes The Telegraph, but then, in March, TikTok promised for several weeks to abandon the “peeping”. The need representatives of the service explained the fight with spammers.

In iOS 14, announced last week and already became available to registered developers, these behaviors do not go unnoticed – the user receives a notification if the application is unauthorized reads data from the clipboard. As soon as the operating system installed the first users, it was found that many programs still abusing surveillance of phone memory – including that promised to abandon the practice TikTok.

Now the service developers say that they have already sent to App Store for approval a new version of the application, which removed antiamerica monitoring the clipboard. According to The Telegraph, likewise, still read the contents of the clipboard and many other iOS apps, including AccuWeather, AliExpress, Call of Duty Mobile, Patreon and Google News.

Text: News.Hi-tech