TikTok gave the post of General Director top Manager of Disney

Owned by Chinese ByteDance social video service TikTok doing everything to create the image of a respectable international company and to avoid political problems similar to those faced by other Chinese IT giants. The company announced that the CEO of TikTok and simultaneously operating officer ByteDance will become the top Manager of Disney’s Kevin Mayer.

American media company, Mayer headed the streaming and international operations. It was under his leadership the company has launched a service Disney+ last fall, to date, garnered more than 50 million subscribers. Moreover, writes TechCrunch, Mayer was considered as a potential successor to Disney CEO Bob iger. However, in February after the sudden departure of the Eiger, a company headed by another top Manager, Bob Chapek.

the Founder of TikTok Zhang min will remain CEO ByteDance, and previously held the post of President TikTok Alex Zhu (co-founder of a startup absorbed ByteDance Musical.ly) will become Vice-President ByteDance product and strategy.

According to the newspaper, the Chinese firm has opted for Meyer not only because of its impressive progress in promoting streamingbase service of Disney, but for political reasons. Recently in the United States are often heard concerns about the growing popularity of the Chinese service in the country.

last week, the TikTok was accused of violating agreements with the US authorities under which the service promised to eliminate violations of the legislation on the privacy of children online, for which he had previously given a fine of 5.7 million dollars. Previously, members of Congress have expressed concerns that the growing influence of the TikTok is a threat to national security. In particular, due to the fact that the application can share data with its owner – the Chinese ByteDance.

Text: News.Hi-tech