Update from 1. January 2019: In YouTube there is a Video for almost a year from the time when Thomas lateral was still “one of The most Acrobatic of Helene Fischer” and not “The friend of Helene Fischer”. It comes from a contribution of the HR magazine’s main tower. In the Interview, apparently backstage recorded in the wardrobe, Thomas lateral very open-hearted and goes into the Private. He reveals what knew, except his family, so far, hardly anyone!

“I was as a child super Hyper active”, as his confession. “My parents didn’t know really How we can get the boys ever get tired? Then I tried a lot of different sports, went to football, I went to the Handball. And then I went into gymnastics. And that was the first evening where I was tired came home. Tell me even my parents today. Then they said: This is the right Sport for Thomas.“ He did gymnastics even in the first League.

he Then joined the Helene-Fischer Team. At the very first trial, in which he is with her through the air, landed, looked at everything on him. “It has all worked out great. They come down and he looked at me and said: ‘Wooh! This is so easy with you. It makes so much fun.‘ That was, in principle, for me the accolade in the Moment.“

And then there are also words that sound from today’s point of view is quite different. Thomas lateral: “to remember, and your chest vibrate when you sing, which is very impressive. We definitely have a lot of fun in the air. But a lot of respect.“

Thomas lateral: These photos show how the Helene-Fischer-a friend of ticking private

Update vom 30. December 2018: Since it is clear that Helene Fischer has a new boyfriend and it is your acrobats Thomas lateral, has been written about these a lot. There were also some curious discoveries from his past (see below). Not every is so flattering, the feeding-Video about throws the best light on him.

Other photos don’t show, however, that he seems to have only big muscles but also a huge heart. This is clear, if you take a look at Instagram under the circulating photos that are much older than the Info about the Helene-Fischer-to-many relationship.

For many Fans of the pop Queen, is Thomas lateral, namely, himself a Star. And as the pictures show, he again and again a lot of time for the followers who rave about him. “When you meet at last the secret Star of the Tour, Thomas lateral. Thank you for taking the time for us. We love you,” writes a Fan, for example, a Hashtag for “the most Beautiful man in the world”.

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,,You again?” He didn’t say, I’m proud of him!!!♡ @Thomas Eitel #Thomas Eitel #Helene Fischer

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Thank you lovelies!♡ Thanks! + and Haley for the second hug♡ So much love! @Haley Messick @Leon Taylor @Thomas Eitel @mamani2004 #Helene Fischer live #Helene Fischer #hotel talking #Leon Taylor #nataliepütz #Thomas Eitel

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FINALLY, If the secret Star of the Tour @Thomas vain ! Thank you for taking the time for us. We ❤ love it. – – – you ! #fangirl moment #Thomas vain #beautiful sterman of the world #grüßhelenevonuns #thomasziehdichausfüruns #thanks for a Horny evening #weare demolition #konfettiimhaar #chair imbusch #Stefan the chaircompany #we #screams fürth grannies #Helene Fischer #stadiontour2018 #düsseldorf

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This discovery to Helene-Fischer-a friend of Thomas lateral is pretty raunchy

Update from 27. December 2018: What, not everything came out to Thomas lateral! The new Helene-Fischer-and-friend once graced the Cover of a Gay magazine, with a food film – and He should have had a job interview for a strip show-Job (see below).

What has now been revealed yet, but it is just delicious: According to the msn.com Thomas lateral, in 2008, had a bizarre TV appearance in the RTL Show “Guinness World Records”. He moved with a competitor to bet as many underpants. And had no Chance. The raunchy performance of Thomas lateral: 82 pants, he moved in five minutes of each other. Sexy, however, shows the photo of the colleagues – saw the really.

Despite the many strange anecdotes from the past, is this Thomas lateral well-a real dream man. The statements of the mayor of Eppertshausen to op-online.de* who knows the artists well suggest. “If they are together, I’d it, Thomas treat. He is a likable club man and great guy,“ said Carsten Helfmann. “He is a real Eppertshäuser and family man.”

The two meet on a regular basis, if Thomas Seitels grandma or grandpa birthday. “Then Thomas of his tours coming home, to the birthday……”

Helene Fischer: Spicy unveiling of the new friend Thomas lateral

Our article from the 22. December 2018:

Munich – All from the Schlager-dream couple! The separation of Helene Fischer (34) and Florian silver iron (37) after ten years, the relationship has plunged Fans into deep disillusionment. Also in the heal strike is a world where nothing lasts forever. Not even such a “dream couple” as between the singing Queen, and the always good-humored presenter.

The two have maintained the separation for a while under lock and key and only on Wednesday evening, the Public is hereby confirmed.

at the same time, it was clear that Helene Fischer has already made a new friend. She had confirmed himself in Facebook. “There’s a new man in my life and I intend to make no secret,” she wrote. And Florian silver iron also called the name of his “successor” and: “If there are now pictures of Helene with another man, then I would like to clarify that I’ve known Thomas a long time, he is a great guy and I wish them both the best of luck.”

Thomas? It should be matching according to media reports, Thomas lateral. He was with Helene Fischer on Tour, performing in the Shows as an Artist. He came to her close, because he was always the acrobatic performances.

Thomas lateral as a Model: Helene Fischer’s New in a gay magazine

Thomas lateral is a muscle bound type according to the taste of many women – and also men. Once he posed route for the gay magazine Mate for a long fashion. The then Art Director Marc Majewski gushed over the picture: “We wanted to show fashion in a more casual types. For Thomas, that was perfect!“

But there are also other Thomas lateral: During his time as a Student, he made a feeding Video with, fed mass Fast Food. 2010. The calories are of course trained out of for a long time. The body of Thomas lateral is its capital. And yet, he is fired once, if you believe the testimony of Omid Jay in Instagram.

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What hardly anyone knows, the new friend of Helene Fischer would almost become a SIXX PAXX Member. @bastianma anofficial and I have had led before about 1.5 years ago, a very nice interview with him in our old Theater, to commit to him for the SEXXY CIRCUS Tour as an Aerial Acrobat. The parameters and the modalities do not have, unfortunately, had a fit. We are now looking forward even more to him that he could find in his subsequent employers also love. @Helene Fischer also #sixxpaxx #Thomas Eitel #Helene Fischer #was the apparently new love

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Thomas lateral during the interview: Helene Fischer’s boyfriend almost in a Strip Show landed?

Omid Jay is part of the management of the “SIXX PAXX Male Revue Show,” a Strip-Show. “What hardly anyone knows,“ he writes. “The new friend of Helene Fischer would almost become a SIXX PAXX Member.” Omid Jay explains, his Partner, and he had led before about one and a half years, “a very nice interview with him in our old Theater, to commit to him for the SEXXY CIRCUS Tour as an Aerial Acrobat. The parameters and the modalities do not have, unfortunately, had a fit. We are now looking forward even more to him that he could find in his subsequent employers also love.“ Finally, a little joke: “Helene was a fisherman, apparently, quite legal.”

the new Helene Fischer-friend Thomas lateral Would have been almost a Stripper? The Show, remember, “to be without a copy, or Image, of the characteristic of greatly well-known American Menstrip-role models or the Hollywood Film production ‘Magic Mike'” is read on the Homepage.

A confirmation of Thomas lateral, it was not, of course, first of all, about the revelation. And the likely reasons, the creators of the Strip-Show of the PR is also not quite inconvenient.

For the separation of Helene Fischer and Florian SILVereisen is now surfaced a Video that sheds a different light on everything. 25. December will then broadcast the “Helene Fischer Show”.

“Helene Fischer Show”: In search of the hidden love messages to silver iron and a New

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