It is hot in Germany. The German drives it in the beer garden or in front of the TV in the cool home. Well, the streaming provider is also in the summer, do not hang.

especially Netflix has with “house of money”, “Suits” and “Orange is the New Black” new seasons real crowd-favorites in the Luggage. Rounding out the package is classics with lots of own productions and some film.

At Amazon, it looks a little lean: With only three new shows and more unknown films in the package this time is not particularly exciting. Horror Fans can look forward to “The House that Jack Built”, for a fee there are also “We will see”. Who is on Marvel movies, now streaming for the first time, “Captain Marvel”, but also for a fee.

Netflix: New movies in July 2019Emoji – The movie, from 01. July 2019Erin Brockovich – A true story, from 01. July 2019Maggie, from 01. July 2019Der Dark tower, from 01. July 2019Serenity, from 01. July 2019Van Helsing, from 01. July 2019Mama, from 01. July 2019Running Wild, from 01. July 2019American Graffiti, from 01. July 2019The Money Pit, from 01. July 2019Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Alan Freed Story, from 01. July 2019Sea of Love, from 01. July 2019Green Lantern, from 01. July 2019Ghostbusters, from 01. July 2019The Notebook, from 01. July 2019In the Line of Fire, from 01. July 2019Miss Congeniality, from 01. July 2019Crossroads, from 01. July 2019Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, from 01. July 2019Zero Dark Thirty, from 01. July 2019What to Expect When You’re Expecting, from 01. July 2019A Stranger in Town, from 01. July 2019Couples Retreat, from 01. July 2019Get Him to the Greek, from 01. July 2019The Unborn, from 01. July 2019Wanted, from 01. July 2019It’s Complicated, from 01. July 2019Bridesmaids, from 01. July 2019You Get Me, from 01. July 2019True Story, from 02. July 2019Cars 3: Evolution, from 08. July 2019Cities of Last Things, from the 11. July 2019Kidnapping Stella, 12. July 2019Point Blank, 12. July 2019Renault 4 , 12. July 2019Secret Obsession , from the age of 18. July 2019Boi, from 26. July 2019Girls With Balls , from 26. July 2019The Son, from 26. July 2019Ocean’s Eleven, from 27. July 2019Ocean’s Twelve, from 27. July 2019The Red Sea Diving Resort, from 31. July 2019Pixels, from 31. July 2019

The LEGO Ninjago Movie, ab15. July 2019

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