Star Wars Open Worlds is a project that aims to transform the Bethesda RPG in to a fully-fledged space opera.

A modding team has set out to transform Fallout 76 into a multi-planet space opera using total conversion mod Star Wars Open Worlds.

Star Wars Open Worlds is still in development and unfinished. Star Wars Open Worlds released a new trailer earlier this morning, showing a surprising array of characters, locations and scenarios. Ships fly above the Coruscant skies. Open war on Tatooine’s deserts. Imperial walkers tromping through alien jungles.

This is a very impressive display, even though it relies too heavily on post-processing shading. It’s not all action-packed Fallout style. We see meetings in dirty underworlds and starships of the Imperial Empire.

According to the mod’s Ich page, Star Wars Open Worlds will feature 12 planets to explore and multiple factions to join. NPC companions are also available. You can customize characters from different alien species in an epic story set during the “very early years of galactic empire.”

Developers Tank_Girl444 and Karim Najib are setting high expectations and have not yet released a release window estimate. Bethesda’s modding scene is familiar with ambitious mod projects. This could be something that we follow for a decade if Disney doesn’t make it happen.


It’s a great pitch to explore Star Wars from the Fallout perspective. If you want to catch up on the development, modders post updates videos on YouTube.