SP-X/Cologne. There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong equipment. Who is in the Winter a lot on the go, it is recommended to place a few items into the car, the bars in case of an emergency. Ten Examples. Filled spare canister in the vehicle: Even in Central Europe, you can stay in heavy snow with the car for several hours. Also forced to a standstill in a full block on the highway in Winter is particularly unpleasant. Who has not enough Fuel in the Tank to heat the engine to heat the interior, you can get into serious trouble. Therefore, there must always be a stockpile of fuel on Board. Diesel drivers should pay attention to the fact that in the spare canister in the winter, diesel is located, because the summer diesel clumped in extreme cold. Warm blanket: for the same reason as important as the replacement canister. Who needs to spend the night on the snow-covered highway, it’s at least reasonably warm. In addition, you can be in the event of breakdown useful: Needs to be changed a wheel, kneels on a blanket better than in the snow. And if the wheels have gone to be with when Starting by turning, you can use it even as a starting aid. Flashlight: Especially in the dark Season you can use a light source in case of an emergency. For example, when the car breaks down or you have to in the evening, fill up the wiper water container. Most of the engine rooms have no lighting, because it works so quickly in the dark. Jumper cable: After a freezing cold night so some of the battery refused in the morning with their work. Well, if you get with your own charging cable quick start guide. You will need only a helpful neighbor with a functioning car. This is usually faster than waiting for the breakdown service. Ice scraper: With the rigid plastic part of the discs in the morning light scratching. Before the cold hands of such a glove as a combination. Important: All wheels must be free, if you scratch only a small slot needs to be expected in the case of a police control with a fine. Hand brush: thick masses of Snow on the car roof and bonnet, the easiest way is with a hand brush to remove. To let the snow during the drive down labor, obstructed the traffic and can be punished. Scoop: a car Is completely snowed in, Digging out. Practically, if you then have a small folding shovel in the car. So the wheels of the car, you can quickly get rid. But be careful: The roof should be cleared with the hard object free the only scratch. Disc sponge: snow and ice-exempt fogging quickly from the inside. A sponge in the car provides a remedy. Recommended products from micro-fiber because they lubricate the least. Tow rope: A car breakdown can happen to anyone. If the engine don’t want more, mostly just towing. Thus, the own or a foreign a damaged vehicle cost can be brought conveniently to the next workshop. Snow chains: In the case of a closed snow – or ice cover, it comes more so. Who is in a rural location and Region in which it often snows, should therefore, as a precaution, a set in the trunk. It is also recommended to Create a ‘ try before it comes to the case of an emergency. A part belongs to in the cold Season, by the way, not in the car: the door lock de-icer. There, he brings in the case of an emergency.