With the introduction of the iPhone Apple revolutionized the cell phone. Since then, Smartphones have learned eagerly. Many of the great features you’ll find long-just like that, deep in the settings, genuine pearls, you can discover (Here you will learn what hidden Features you should know). However, some functions are even there, not discover. They originate from the mobile phone Era – and will only be unlocked with certain combinations of numbers.

The GSM Codes listed numbers had to be entered in the phone number field and unlocking the functions directly via the wireless network. Also, the Smartphone will continue to work. There you have entered in the phone App and how to process a call with the tap on the green handset icon to be confirmed. Some of the Codes are blocked in the case of individual providers, there is an error message then appears.

Own number only for a number

hide if you Want to call a number anonymously, it works with the Code #31# before the otherwise normal call number entered. Practical: to save the contact in the phonebook, calls to this number are always anonymous.

Own number only one phone number to display

works The opposite scenario. It switches on and off in the settings of the phone numbers-suppression, the number is displayed on the conversation partner, however, if you put the Code *31# before the by-election. Here, too, the number can save.

Digital Detox With this simple Trick, you will no longer constantly look to your Smartphone By Malte Mansholt Directly to the Mailbox call

Who wants to someone leave a message, but did not speak directly, you can just call directly to the Mailbox. Add this between the mobile network prefix and the actual phone number is simply the number 13. From 0171-123456 so 0171-13-123456.

Mailbox-reaction time

set If the Mailbox is too fast or too slow turn this time. To do this, select the Code **61* your phone number, then ** and is a number between 5 and 30. Complete with * and press the call key. The number corresponds to the number of seconds until Turning on the Mailbox. Example: **61*0171123456**15*

Mailbox wants to shut down anyone Who does not use

the Mailbox at all, shuts down with Code #61#. With *61# you can turn it on again.

IMEI find out

the IMEI is a unique number that your device can be clearly identified. This is for example useful if a Smartphone is stolen. The IMEI to retrieve and record is so recommended. The relevant Code is: *#06#