1. Smartphone Joystick for gamers

gamers beware! With this Joystick, including vibration function, control lamp and clickable control sticks, each game will be on the phone for real Gaming experience. The Controller simply needs to be connected with the Smartphone via Bluetooth, and the adventure can begin! The only fly in the ointment: The Joystick fits only on Android phones, iPhone owners have here in the cold.

2. Mobile phone case with bottle opener and cigarette lighter for festival

you know this for sure: whenever you need a bottle opener or a lighter, both of which are not to be found. For this reason, this cell phone combines a case for the iPhone 6 and 6s several Gadgets in one – on the back of both a device that allows you to remove bottle caps, as well as a camera tripod thread and a flameless cigarette lighter. On top of that, the case is very robust, and thus especially good for Festivals.

3. Cell phone printer for Polaroid photos

Earlier spontaneous snapshots at parties or on holiday, were held only to be happy with a Polaroid camera so that the images could still be printed. In the meantime, the mobile photo printer is responsible for this task. You connect your Smartphone to the device via a Bluetooth connection – you can then print the desired snapshots within a short time and give it away.

4. Mobile phone projector for your home theater

Many of the important stations of our life (for example, weddings and birthdays) with the phone held. It was many years ago, is still Tradition to have shared experiences over the Slide projector to reminisce, this is nowadays, with a USB Mini projector can be connected to your Smartphone, Tablet, or iPod touch. This allows you to enjoy all the photos and Videos on your mobile phone conveniently and easily on your own home cinema.

5. Smartphone-tripod for on the go

are equipped with high resolution cameras, so the photo quality is just as good as a digital camera. For the perfect shot, you don’t need a steady Hand to prevent camera shake at the crucial Moment. Here is a flexible Smartphone to a tripod, which can be attached by its movable legs and anywhere via Bluetooth remote-controlled. It is ideal for holiday photos, group shots and emotional moments.

6. Cell phone mount for your bike

If you drive every day to work by Bicycle or else on two wheels on the road, we recommend this sturdy cell phone holder. It can be mounted with few hand grips to the Handlebar, that at any time you have a good look at it – which is especially handy if you use your Smartphone as a navigation. Alternatively, there are also water-resistant handlebar bags for your bike so that the phone stays on rainy days, always dry.

7. Mobile phone camera lens for better photos

Whether Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or LG – this is a lens you can attach to any phone from outside, and an extraordinary photo shoot: Using the fish-eye lens will distort the optics is strong, and a semi-spherical panoramic image (180 degrees) is generated. The macro lens provides a ten-fold magnification with a small distance of just twelve to 15 millimeters. The CPL lens, however, removes distracting reflections from surfaces such as glass or water. The wide-angle lens can zoom in – as the Name suggests – the angle and double it.

8. Waterproof cell phone protective case for the holidays

So, practically, Smartphones are on vacation also, so you can not accept it always and everywhere with you. Especially in the swimming pool or on the beach the danger is particularly great that your phone is damaged by external influences, such as dust, Sand and moisture. Even more important is that you cover the mobile phone in a water-resistant protection with air-tight quick-release system store. So you can lead the faithful companion with them when they travel or hang around the neck.

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