There are still some of the top wines that you can afford. For example, German white wines. The “Vinum wine guide” has named the best German white drops. Including many representatives from the river Moselle, but also from the Pfalz, Rheingau and Baden.


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That good wine does not have to cost much, to prove this, 10 drops. All you have to shell out less than ten euros. Here are the best vintages in 2017:

1. Place: 2017 Goldtröpfchen Riesling spätlese SK reading Klosterhof (Mosel), 9 Euro.

2. Place: 2017 Wintricher Riesling Jochen Clemens (Mosel), 9 Euro.

3. Place: 2017 Winninger Riesling Kabinett lemington-spah (Mosel), 9,50 Euro

4 Uhlen. Place: 2017 Neuweier veteran of Riesling Swiss-German (Baden), 9,50 Euro

5. Place: 2017 Riesling dry Jochen Clemens (Mosel), 7.80 Euro

6. Place: 2017 food Heimer St. Kilian’s mountain Riesling-lime essence Bott (Rheingau), 8,40 Euro

7. Place: 2017 Brauneberger Riesling Günther Steinmetz (Mosel), 8,50 Euro

8. Place: 2017 Riesling dry Christian Klein (Mosel), 8,50 Euro

9. Place: 2017 king Bacher Idig Riesling Weik (Pfalz), 8,70 Euro

10. Place: 2017 Riesling dry Willems-Willems (Saar), 8,80 Euro