if you order today, eat home, must dig deeper in the pocket than in the past. At least if he wants more than what the popular portals such as pizza.de, lieferando.de or lieferheld.de . But the “new” services, something that could not the past nor the delivery: they deliver quality all over the world.

Because either you have not ordered directly in a proper Restaurant – a Snack bar and paid for, in a sense, the provider that brings the food to you. The Foodora.de or Deliveroo.de offer, for example. Or but to order his food directly from the producer, pays attention to quality and not on mass. For example, crisp salad with Stadtsalat.de or even a Three-course menu from the chef, you need to push in the microwave, for example, in the case of Chillmahl.com.

How well are delivery services?

We have tested “Foodora” and “Deliveroo”: The idea is the same for both: they provide high quality food to your home. Not from loveless takeaways, but from seasoned Restaurants. The concept behind this is quite simple: would you like a particular dish from your favorite restaurant, do not want to leave the Sofa? No Problem. The service provider that is hidden behind Foodora or Deliveroo, fetches the food of your choice at the Restaurant and delivers it to your home. You pay the Same as in the Restaurant, there is only one delivery fee for the service provider.

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Foodora bring food in ten countries to hungry customers. In Germany, he is the area deckendste service delivery. But Deliveroo is expanding, originally from London, there are the provider, now also in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The minimum order is five Euro. Add to that a delivery fee of 2,90 EUR.

conclusion: Finally! Previously, it was almost impossible to get quality food delivered to. That is in the past. Of course, you have to choose, from which Restaurant to eat want to order. Because not everywhere the quality is the same. With the new services delivery more cost come about, however, precisely because of the quality.

What are the most expensive delivery dishes in the world, you can learn the route in the above photo.