Brandon Keener, the voice actor known for his role as Garrus Vakarian in the Mass Effect series, has been confirmed to voice the character Kai in Obsidian’s upcoming RPG Avowed. Keener’s casting as Kai was first hinted at on Twitter and later officially confirmed by Obsidian. Along with Keener, other talented voice actors will be bringing the main cast of companions in Avowed to life.

Mara Junot, best known for her role as Ikora Rey in Destiny 2, will voice Giatta, while Anjali Bhimani, known for her roles in Stray Gods and Starfield, will voice Yatzli. Scott Whyte, who has voiced characters in games like Diablo 4, will be the voice behind Marius, a boreal dwarf.

Keener’s voice as Kai can be heard in the Avowed deep dive video, showcasing his talent in bringing the character to life. Fans of Keener’s work in the Mass Effect series will undoubtedly be excited to hear him take on a new role in Avowed.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Avowed is an upcoming RPG set to release later in 2024. The game promises an immersive experience in a fantasy world, with a diverse cast of characters and engaging storytelling.

As fans eagerly await the release of Avowed, the announcement of Brandon Keener’s involvement as the voice of Kai has generated excitement and anticipation. With a talented cast of voice actors bringing the characters to life, Avowed is shaping up to be a game worth keeping an eye on for fans of RPGs and immersive storytelling.

In the world of gaming, voice acting plays a crucial role in bringing characters to life and immersing players in the game’s world. The talented voice cast of Avowed promises to deliver a memorable and engaging experience for players, adding depth and personality to the game’s characters.

Overall, the announcement of Brandon Keener’s role as Kai in Avowed has sparked excitement among fans, and with the game’s release set for later in 2024, players can look forward to experiencing a rich and immersive RPG adventure with a cast of characters brought to life by some of the industry’s most talented voice actors.