The sensational conflict to the change of the robot trolley-expert Anthony Levandowski from Google, Uber gets a sequel with an indictment by the US authorities.

The justice Department accused Levandowski, after a year-long FBI investigation on Tuesday to the theft of company secrets.

Levandowski is considered one of the pioneers in the development of modern robot cars and, in particular, is a specialist for Laserradare, with which a self-scanning end cars in your area. He spent years in the robot program from the Google car and moved 2016 to Uber, where the then chief Travis Kalanick continued the development of its own technology for Autonomous Driving.

In the following year, was sued Uber, the Google-sister company Waymo, in the meanwhile, the robot truck program, the group was housed. Waymo said, Levandowski did the change of company secrets go, too. The two companies laid the conflict to 2018 – already in the middle of the process, and shortly before Google co-founder Larry Page should be called to the stand. As part of the deal Waymo got a contribution of 0.34 per cent, to the brokers. Uber also promised not to use technology of Waymo.

Levandowski itself had not been sued by Waymo at the time, now the Prosecutor accuse him of the theft of trade secrets. Repeat the former allegation by Waymo, Levandowski’ve downloaded prior to joining Uber, about 14 000 files. The indictment lists 33 of them, it comes to a variety of technical information on laser radars of Google’s “Project driver”. At least theoretically, up to ten years in prison per Download threaten Levandowski.

His lawyers said that Levandowski is innocent and will prove it in a court of law. You pointed out that he had downloaded the files as a Google employee. Uber has denied that the confidential documents ever to drive service agent. Levandowski had in the process between Waymo and use of his right to refuse to testify to incriminate yourself.

The 39-year-old engineer who had been fired by Uber to the Waymo-suit, meanwhile, has developed a new company with the name Pronto, the technology for self-driving trucks. He said he was not guilty and allowed to remain on the loose after he put $ 300,000 behind and his family, and a friend brought their homes as a Deposit, such as the New York Times reported from the courtroom in San Jose, California.

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